GPS Map Warning


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong

Compiling a GPS map is extremely time consuming & costs money! This is not unlike publishing an accurate hard copy map = it takes a lot of time and effort.

Naturally enough those people who do all the leg work don't like to see it cracked & sold, ripped off, or copied - either GPS or hard copy = fair go lads!

There are people who offer a package of GPS maps for sale by donation. Their Thailand map is rumoured to be a cracked copy of one of the first versions of the ESRI map. Other people offer to sell a hacked version of the latest ESRI map for a considerable lower price than what dealers can sell the map for.

As someone who struggles to make a poor living from selling maps from huge time & effort, I have a problem with this & don't like to see it recommended on GT Rider = fair go lads!

Please - buy the real thing & support those who did all the work in the first place. Don't support the scam merchants. What do you see them contribute?

GT Rider GPS maps for North Thailand & Laos, compiled from active tracks by GT Rider(s), will soon be available on GT Rider.

Thank you for supporting GT Rider.


Oct 2, 2008
100% support you there Dave.

People who do the pirated ones should ask themselves if it was OK that the work they do / done should not be paid fully as someone was living of scamming what you did. For retired people they should ask if it is OK that someone get a big part of there funding because they scammed.

Maybe people think I am nuts, but all software, books, GPS maps or what have you I own is original. Yes I even paid 25k baht for Photoshop, know you can get the copy for a 100 baht. But I worked my ass off making software once for engineering and let me tell you it took heaps of hours, research try and fail, we got money from it but later found that the software was copied and sold / given away to 80% of the users, from the effort we put in it was not worth it, so we stopped developing it. If everyone had bought it we could continue developing it.

Not telling anyone to do, but the ESRI maps are now 1/2 the price of what they were thanks to many actually buy the original. I know about many people who uses pirated versions but that is not my problem. Ask yourself if you would like to work hard and meticulously for months just to see some assholes rip it and sell it off. The pirates make lot of money on someone else's work, the guys doing the work get stolen from. And if nobody buys copies or use copies the prices comes down...
Sep 30, 2009
I think that the Price vs Necessity/Practicality ratio on GPS maps are way to high for most people at the moment.
If I understand it correctly the ESRI team has been ditched by Garmin in favor for Navtech that currently supply the SE-ASIA mapset for Garmin.

I have downloaded and tried maps and I was not satisfied and would never buy them in their current shape/form.
If the maps would work OK I would buy them as I have don with others.
If you try to market a product that is BAD, you would not get any money from me.

Take a look at the Nokia pricing on maps (To bad no Thai yet) ... verage-3.0
Oct 17, 2006
When a product like a Garmin Nuvi is 200% more in Thailand than EU or Singapore is that not a ripoff?
Dec 8, 2009
I've used garmin GPS since 1994 when we bought 12xl in the UK. I still have unit.
I see no seperate disscussion on maps or the units they go into
I buy only garmin products because I believe them to be the best.
Maps - on comment
Units - if you have a unit ather than Garmin, see how many satellites are being picked up ?
2D or 3D mean anything ?
Wonder why a cheap unit loses satellite connection ?


you get out of a product as much as you understand about it.
you get what you pay for.