GPS Maps of Loas, Kambodga, Vietnam 2010

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  1. Phuketfan

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    Bevore we want to travel to Laos only, but now we decided to do too a turn to vietnam an kambodga.

    I read many threads here, and found this GPS solutions:

    Then i found, that eaglegps sell a Loas GPS Map - i assume that this is with the GPS Data from GT Rider..

    Last but not least, is here the ... t4684.html the Monstermapset from 2008.

    I know - many postings here to this issue, but many of them are quite old.

    What Mapsource could you suggest for a trip to Laos, Vietnam, Kambodga for the end of this year?

    I have buyed all printed GT-Rider Maps. Also from Laos, in another forum a guy suggest to buy additional this to: ... ucts/02705
    So i ordered this too, but doent have compared it yet.

    Now for the GPS Part, what solution will be the best?

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  3. Auke

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    With regard to GPS maps for Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, the map sold by Eagle GPS for Laos is the best.

    The paper map from Gecko is quite good and has much more details than the GT Rider map for Laos. However, the Gecko map is using the old names for the villages and, as many villages have been renamed, this can be confusing.

    For Cambodia and Vietnam you can use either the map from Asia GPS or from Rotweiler or I can provide you with a map for Cambodia with the latest tracks for the Cardamom's. This map is very similar to the Rotweiler map.

    For Vietnam have a look also at Don't know the quality of this GPS map but it looks quite OK.

    With regard to you plans to go to Vietnam I don't know how you will be traveling but from your earlier posts I assumed that you would rent a car in Thailand. Please note that Thai cars are not allowed to enter Vietnam unless you have a permit from the Vietnamese authorities.
  4. Phuketfan

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    Thank you for your answer!

    Its would be fine, to have your modificated Mapsource for Cambodia! Also your Link to vietnam is nice!

    Maurice from Eagle GPS offers also actual mapsources, i think i get all i can get :D

    The newest informations i have researched, is, that we have to start the trip in Laos, and not like planned in Chiang Mai.

    With a thai rental car, it isnt allowed to travel to Laos..

    When we rent the car in Laos, we could travel to

    - Thailand
    - Vietnam
    - Cambodia (maybe we have to enter via Thailand (Aranyaprathe))

    So the plan maybee will looks like showed on the map:


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