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  1. What is the proper setting on the GPS to use these cordinance

    lat: 16.4500.59

    LONG: 102.817397
  2. Ray,

    I think there is a small mistake in your coordinates as I assume that there should be no dot after 4500 in the Lat: 16.4500.59

    If I delete that second dot and set the GPS to ddd.dddddd (decimal degrees) the coordinates Lat 16.450050 and Long 102.817397 put me in Khon Kaen a bit north of the Khon Kaen University Kanchanaphisek Convention Center.
  3. My Zumo 450 doesn't seem to have that format the closest I can get is hddd.dddddd

    I end up with one more number then I have slots for.

    I have good directions from John just playing with the GPS

    Thanks Aukie

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