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  1. hello together
    I am new in this forum. At the beginning of January would like I in chiang May a GPS to buy. It will be used for motorcycling on roads (no dirt tracks) with my BMW (with plug socket). Which model is recommended and to which shop in addition? Thank you in advance for the assistance.

    PS: sorry for the poor English
    PS PS: a very good side with very much good information congratulation
  2. Guido
    The only official Garmin GPS shop in Chiang Mai is Canadian Tom's Top Gear bicycle shop.
    Contact details are
    Top Gear, Chang Moi Road. Phone: 053233450. Email Canadian Tom at
    but you will find the prices are quite high.
    For me the best bet is to get one from o/seas & the place I recommend is
    The best mounts to use are Ram Mounts
    but their website sucks, & it is easier to use the GPSCity link.
    I hope this is a help.

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  3. What GPS do you recomend for Thailand - do you get ones with maps or is that to advanced?

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  4. The GPS I use is a Garmin GPSMap76S, but this model has been superceded by the 76C.
    For other GPS comments & ideas take a look at 2 GPS threads ... OPIC_ID=11
    and ... OPIC_ID=11

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  5. One of the shops at the Computer Plaza on the Super Highway near Chotana Rd is carrying the full line of Garmin GPS. Go up the stairs to the second floor and turn left.

    I will get the exact name of the shop next time I am over that way.

    Dave Early

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  6. For GPS info, sales & service in Chiang Mai
    Eagle GPS
    is well worth checking out.
    Maurycy Siedlowski is the Polish owner & a good knowledgeable guy

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