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  1. Im thinking of doing a trip up north, late this month or early next month.

    Is it possible that someone would share some GPS track points/routes with a visitor to the area?

    Possibly the same route Bigntall rode as it seemed like fun, maybe another.

    Not sure I can offer anything useful in return...But its worth a try to ask anyway, I thought.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I think that you will find that most of the "non-single" tracks that Big 'n Tall did are on the GT Rider Mae Hong Son Loop map.
    So your best bet is to invest in a 175 baht map first, then hope that someone will either share some tracks or give away some to you.

    Also, once my GT Rider Golden Triangle loop map is published in a few days, there is a reasonable chance that there will be a GT Rider North Thailand GPS map available for sale, but it will not contain any single tracks. It won't be a cheap "give away" & I'm not in any rush to do this, so don't hold your breath waiting for it. However, it is "in the works."
  3. I already have that map, I bought it while in CM buying my bike off BobS.
    I will take that with me of course and might even look into that Kafe thing sometime this month, hope to catch you there.
  4. Lightemup,

    Will you be riding the BMW or another bike on your intended route?

    You'll be visiting during rainy season which should effect your route choices especially if you're piloting the BMW.

    On your Cambodia ride by any chance did you happen to take your GPS along on the guided dirt ride????? Maybe we could swap some tracks.

    As David mentions most of the trails I did on that ride are on his map.
  5. Will Livinlost be coming with you on his Bandit 400?
  6. If you check this one out ... -t748.html

    you'll get to see them in the hot 'n dry season, & yes all these tracks are on the GT Rider MHS loop map.
  7. B&T,
    Yeah, the BMW. On Metzeler Enduro 3 tires, as its a long haul from Phuket to CM on full knobbies.

    Ref. Livinlos(t) LOL @ that one....No, I ride alone.

    Thanks for the link, I'll study the map more precisely and check the reports for comparison, thanks.
  8. Lightemup,

    If you're strong and confident on the BMW then most of those trails should be makeable on the BMW...assuming it does not rain and assuming you're not a short arse like myself (i'd hate to have to balance that heavy BMW in the slippery stuff).

    Sections to be aware of that have some trouble bits on them for the BMW would be the first leg south of MHS to the 1263 right at the end of the trail has a rough uphill for about 200 yards that will be work on the BMW wet or dry.

    The second leg from the 1263 into Mae Ruam and mae Chaem is where i had difficulty in the rain. On a Beemer I'm sure it would be a lot less fun if it rains.

    From Mae Chaem down to Chomthong is easy enough with the crux being right at the start, no problems on a dirt bike but maybe a bit rough on the BMW in the beginning for a few hundred yards.

    The loop from Pai going north on Davids map is graded and easy to Muang Noi. There is a fork outside of Muang Noi, go right at the fork a few KM's until you come to another fork. Go right at this fork that heads downhill to Wieng heng. This downhill has some ruts on it that will be work on the big BMW especially if its wet.

    From Wieng Heng to Huay Nam Dang will be very slippery going in the beginning if its rained recently (not something I would do on the BMW in the wet), the road difficulty eases up the farther along the route you go..

    The elephant trail that goes from Samoeng to Wat Chan is very easy dirt. From Wat Chan to Mae Hong Son it gets more technical. One rutty uphill will be work if it has rained.

    send me an email and I can give you some details if you like.

    Keep in mind I would not recommend riding a BMW off road in the rainy season to anybody on the above tracks. If you give it a go and it does not rain you should not have much of a problem (assuming your comfortable offroad on that elephant of a bike)except on the sections noted. Though if I were you i'd rent an XR250 once I got to Chiang Mai to enjoy the trail riding a bit more without the heft of the BMW.

    Best of luck.

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