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  1. hello riders,

    i am totally clueless in theses gps motocy units. the last few years all i have been going by and using is google maps which works fine until you loose the data signal in remote areas when you need it the most. i ordered this garmin 395lm unit. dont even know if i ordered what i need. can return it with in 60days.

    i mostly stay on sealed roads but have ridden non sealed roads. i try to avoid any major highways.

    i ordered it because of a few things it advertised. bluetooth or audio out. can load and play music. seemed user friendly. able to make your own routes on the computer and transfer to the unit itself. comes with all the mounting hardware.

    is this good unit to buy? or something else? tomtom?

    it does not come with se asia maps. you can buy these thru garmins website. anyone have these maps? are they detailed? accurate? roads? any place on the internet that i can download and view?

    any help suggestions comments greatly appreciated.

    thank you
  2. Download Open Street Maps (OSM) Its free, its good and detailed (normally) and updated regularly. Works like a treat on my Garmin Zumo 660.
  3. i have googled OSM website. D/L?
  4. So far so good.
    Make sure it is in a root folder named Garmin.
    Then open settings on your GPS and select map / select map. Don't remember exactly how the Zumo work.
    Select se_asia_osm.img
    TO make sure routing work best only select one routable map. Deselect the other map that is enabled. (Will not delete them).
    Good luck
  5. m8, i am sure that is what i did. i plugged garmin into the laptop using the usb cable. then opened the garmin's internal storage file where u can see other folders. selected the folder garmin and copied the file se_asia_osm which i d/l from nightrider into the garmin folder. is this the correct folder? i went to the garmin unit to settings found my maps and nothing there to select. there is the north america maps there though.
  6. Make sure it is in the Garmin folder.
    Screenshot 2017-07-23_06-21-42.
    This is from a Mac and a Windows PC should look very much the same.
    When in the correct place you will find it on the same menu as the North America map.
    Good luck.
  7. M8
    I think that is what i did. The left is the garmin internal n the right is the laptop. I copied the se_asia_osm ing to the garmin folder. I dont see the north america maps/folder in the garmin internal.
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    Garmin OSM 1.
    I may have misled you. I remember that the Zumo is sensitive to the name of the IMG file.
    I has to be Gmapsupp.img and in the Garmin folder.
    If you have a memory card use that, cheap to buy.
    Garmin OSM 2.
    The se_asia-osm.img renamed to Gmapsupp.img. Note the date.

    This is from a Zumo. Go to setings/Map&Vehicle/myMaps

    Your date will be the download date.

    Good luck, don't give up, almost there..
  9. m8 i do have maps now. not sure if has been done right. i used a sd memory card. when i go to zoom in i have no POI's. example 7/11's hotel names. when i am using basecamp on the laptop theses POI's coome up. ???

    i also did a trip route from bkk to udon. what i got was a straight line. no routing of roads. ???

    i can see this is trial error and learn as you go thing. hopeful when i get to thailand i can seek out another rider for some schooling.
  10. Screenshot 2017-07-24_12-11-36.
    If correctly installed basecamp should look like this when the GPS is connected to your computer.
    Make sure you only have one routable map enabled on your GPS.
  11. hello all,
    im at the end of trying to figure this GPS out. im not completely illiterate with a computer but i sure dont know if i got this garmin gps figured out.

    i do have a thai map from OSM i believe. im not sure though if it is installed correctly.

    OpenStreetMap is this what i should see on the unit?

    i have been here. Free worldwide Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap

    i have been here Mapmania - Home

    i have been here. Free South-East Asia OpenStreetMap for Garmin GPS

    i have basecamp on the computer. it will only show a thai map if i am attached to the garmin?

    i am currently in pattaya/jomtien area if anyone could meet up.

    any help.

    thank you

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