GPS with bike mount, in TH?

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  1. Hi,
    Where in Thailand (BKK) can I buy a GPS including some sort of handle bar or tank cap mount? I have a CBR1000RR.
    Are bike mounts hard to find here?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Tom

    Try Gadget Trend in Bangkok. They have two stores.
    I purchased a Zumo 550 for my Thailand Blade but very expensive compared with Singapore and Australia.
    It came with an assortment of attachments. It is mounted to my 2008 CBR1000RR
    There are a number of Garmin motor cycle GPS. Zumo 550, 220 and 660 which is the latest release.
  3. Recomended,,

    i got mine for my Zumo 550 from them as well.
    They also have good web service and fast delivery(as fast as thai
  4. Yep! If you want to buy a Garmin GPS in Thailand and don't mind the big mark-up then gadgetrend is the place to go. Good service and the owner is a really cutie. They also carry a wide assortment of RAM mounts- Gadgetrend is the only place I've ever seen those for sale in Thailand. Happy Trails! Tony
  5. Thanks guys, I'll go there and have a look then. Seems a bit expensive yes, one waterproof model was almost 40k baht.
  6. Pricey certainly - tho Maurice @ Eagle GPS in CM 053-288-060 will try & do a deal, within Thai price constraints.
    Much cheaper to get one from the States if you can.
    BTW Touratech do a lockable rubber mounted cradle for the Zumo 450/550 & 660 - again pricey, but imo worth it.

    Touratech Thailand has recently been professionally reorganised with a dedicated staff & sole owner.
    02-237- 9350 - speak to K. Oam.
    Still best to source part no on the US TT catalogue
    TT Thailand will get you a part within 3-4 weeks, better than the 3-4 months [maybe] of Dirt Shop & Mr T,
    which we had to put up with in the past.
  7. I paid 43,000 Baht for my Zumo 550 from Gadget Trend about one year ago

    I also purchased a Zumo 550 in Singapore in late 2008 for my bike there and paid the equivalent of 21,000 Baht.

    So there is a cheaper way.

    Look for a second hand Zumo 550 or 660 on the web. E Bay has plenty of them. Or if you don’t trust E Bay or second hand, buy a new one in Singapore for around S$890.00 for a ZUMO 660 and around $790.00 for a ZUMO 220. They sell for similar prices in Australia.
    You would need to get it hand carried to Thailand because I believe there are some restrictions on GPS sales and distribution.

    The new Zumo GPS comes with all the RAM mounting for a bike plus a car mount.
    The GPS will be loaded with the relevant countries Map on an SD card. So there is no more to pay if you use it in the country you purchased it in.

    Once you receive the Garmin GPS, go to Gadget Trend and buy the Thai Map SD card made for the model you choose.
    I would order the SD card well in advance as they have always had to order for me when I asked for one.
    About two weeks wait.
    The SD cards were priced at around 7000 Baht but you can get them cheaper if you shop around.
    So for around 28,000 Baht you can save 15,000 Baht if you choose that model
  8. Yep- I just sold my Zumo 550 to a friend for 15000 Baht because I never use the damn thing... (It was included when I bought the Gixxer). The Zumo is too big and fancy for me- google maps on the iphone is all I really need. :happy5:
  9. I got a new Garmin Zumo 660 through Amazon about a month ago. Just below THB 20,000 including delivery and was surprised not to have to pay duty when it arrived. It had all of Europe on it but I had Thailand loaded from Panthip Plazza CNX for I think THB 2000. It also came with bike and car fittings. Amazon will not ship this kind of stuff to Thailand but it was through a reseller 'MemoryC' so it worked out just fine.

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