Green Book for Triumph Motorcycles

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  1. Dear Triumph Riders,

    Please be inform that now Britbike have received the Document from TISI .
    so all bikes would get Plate and Green book within 2 weeks from now.

    And for new bike ,buyer would get number plate and green book within two weeks* after they summitted all required paper
    *could take longer for Special number ex. 999 ect.

    Thank you so much for your patien and looking forward seeing you all in
    Chaingmai Bike Week 2007.

    Ride safe krab.
  2. Khun Yut

    Congratulations on overcoming [finally] the bureaucratic difficulties.

    There will be many relieved riders from here on.

    is this the first "plated" Triumph?
    Thanks to a fellow GT Rider!

    I am sure that the sticker is equivalent to a
    a "Get Outa Jail Free Card"!
  3. Good on You and the Rest of the Brit Bike Crew!!!. With My Brief Glimpse at the Process i can Appreciate the amount of work it took to finally Get through the Ridiculous System!!! It will also put an end to all the Talkers Out there regarding Triumph as well. Congratulations for a Job well done!!!
    Cheers Ian.
  4. yes good news I might swop the ducati for a triumph some time.
  5. Yut, many thanks for the update and like Ian says "good on you and the BritBike crew" for perservering with all the beaurocracy & bullshit. Looking forward to getting my Bonnie Black from you next month. [:D]

    All the very, very best for you, Dom and the staff for a successful and long-surviving business selling a top brand of motorcycle!


    Pikey. (exported from England 2005)

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