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  1. Is it possible for someone on a tourist visa that buys a motorbike to buy a green book for that bike? Is that more important than a license plate? I understand that the green book is needed to cross borders and, I am guessing, to apply for a carnet.
  2. A Green Book is part of the registration & license plate of a motorbike. When you buy a motorbike it should have a license plate and a Green Book. Depending on the likes of the local Department of Land Transport it might be possible to have your name registered in the Green Book.

    Chang Noi
  3. Thanks Chang for the clarification. If a motorbike does not have a green book, is it possible for someone with a tourist visa to buy a green book for that motorbike? If a motorbike does have a green book, is it possible to transfer it to someone with a tourist visa? I heard that you would need a permanate address to own a bike with a green book.
  4. Hi,

    To purchase a vehicle in Thailand you need a certificate of residence and I think you do need a non immigrant visa to get it through the immigration bureau.

    If you buy a motorbike that is not registered you will need to get invoice papers to prove that the bike is legally imported then you will have to pay a shitload of taxe and then pass the emission test (emission laws are really straight over here).

    I suggest you buy a bike wich is already registered, Kawasaki have a somehow decent choice of new bikes ranging from 125cc to 900cc, Honda released a nice CBR 250 for the Thai market also.

    If you want to come over with your bike it seems you can make a "visa" for it, if you ask here there should be someone to assist you with that.

  5. Hello Jonny,

    please look up my article on this forum page which I posted on 18th August 2011 titled ' A word of warning to riders and buyers of big imported bikes ' which relates to my very recent experience of buying an imported bike with no green book. The article goes a long way in answering your question, and even further with the possible hurdles you will face. You will be able to get a green book but the cost will depend on the dealer getting it for you, and the engine size of the bike. For my bike, a 25 year old Honda Clubman 400cc., I will have to pay about 20,000 baht for a ' grey ' green book. I was quoted a minimum of 70,000 baht by a bike shop in Buriram. You will find it just about impossible to get the green book by yourself ! As lordofthedreadz wrote, you must have a Resident Permit to buy ( and sell ) any motorised vehicle in Thailand. These are available from your local Immigration Office -- current cost at Korat I.O., 500 baht and they are ONLY valid for 30 days. As the name of the document implies, you will need to supply an address. The full list of document copies you will need for a resident permit is as follows; address/blue book, passport, visa page, arrival card, passport size photos -- you will need 2 of everything. This is what I had to submit at Korat I.O about 4 weeks ago when I applied for a resident permit to sell a motorbike, things may vary from office to office !

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