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  1. is it any problem to drive a motorbike witout to change name in the green book
    i buy a suzuki 800 cc and now i have problem to change the name in the book ...
  2. Just keep the licence - registration paid up & it should be no problem.
    Its only a problem for the registered owner if something hapens.
  3. thanks for your quik reply.
    the original user is dead for 3 year ago, i buy the bike with his russian wife
  4. thanks for your quik reply
    the registered owner is dead for 3 year ago, i buy it with his wife.. she give me a copy from curt she own the bike
    but land department dont acept a copy. the bike have a green book and tax paid up every year
  5. If the road tax hasn't been paid for ( over ? ) 3 years then the green book is invalid. The bike needs to be re-registered .. If you say there tax has been paid every year, then no problem the book is still valid.

    The DLT won't accept a copy as you need to present the original book and the new owner ( you ) will need to be printed on the page following the old owner.

    Yes, it is a problem to ride a bike without changing the name. You are required to keep the book ( a photocopy is sufficient ) with you when you ride the bike. If you are stopped at a checkpoint and IF the green book is checked against your license, then there could be a very slim chance that you have a problem. I got stopped once on an old Honda Dream, and although they let me go, they told me to change the name on the book as it shows the bike could be stolen.

    Just work on getting the bike in your name .. Collect a certificate of residence from immigration, and if you have the green book, then its easy to change the name.
  6. Technically yes, you need to have the book with you.
    But in practice ..30+ years of riding & hundreds of thousands of kms here Ive never been asked for it, apart from Customs when going out of the country.
    Don't let it worry you.
    Renew the licence every year when you present the book at DLT.
    Just carry on.
  7. My former Thai staff told me to keep laminated copy of the main pages in my wallet.

    Photo copy it and reduce the size. Then laminate it..
    The guy at the photo copy shop new exactly what to do.. Seems common practice for Thai riders.

    I must admit. Have been slack and not done it recently as not riding that much road any more.

  8. I always think of things in the long term .. 800cc bike .. probably not cheap. When its time to sell it again .. would you buy a bike from a guy who says "I have had it for 3 years, but i didnt bother to change the name, it was too much grief down at the DLT, but its OK, some guy on the internet said i shouldn't worry" ?

    When it comes to police, I'm no angel - but when it comes to paperwork here - I just do whats right .. I have a Thai license, the bikes in my name, and every time the tax is due on any of my bikes I do that and apply for a translation of the green book on the same day. It's not hard.
  9. I understand what you're saying completely, but the guy says

    the registered owner is dead for 3 year ago, i buy it with his wife.. she give me a copy from curt she own the bike
    but land department dont acept a copy. the bike have a green book and tax paid up every year

    So I understand he can't get it transferred into his name, but the rego is kept up to date.
    Will he have a problem from the police riding around on a bike registered in someone else's name?
    No I don't think so.
    Just carry on, he should be fine.

  10. Didn't realise you were buying a bike not just riding it and worried about cops.

    Of course make sure the green book is in order
  11. Certainly trust Davids experience when it comes to what you can except riding around. The only concern is that it does make it difficult to obtain insurance, 1st and 2nd class additional coverage will be unavailable to you the that bike. Often someone would request extra coverage for a bike with history such as yours though it could be on it's 2nd, 3rd, or more owners, and the new owner having absolutely no connection or information regarding the person in the current green book.
  12. Green book in order. 3rd party insurance, bail and bond. Done.

    Check with the insurance broker on gtr.. K. Oak. Great English. Follows up with renewals.

    All easy and straight forward if your bike and book are legit.

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