Greeting - new member

Feb 23, 2009
Hi All

My wife and I are heading over in April - staying a few days in Bangkok then heading down south for a week in the Champhon area (Saphli), then flying to Chiang Mai around the 19th April.

I've been going over a lot of the info on the site, although it's all a little over-whelming - information overload!

We obviously want to look around Chiang Mai but also want to hire a bike and head up to Chiang Rai and and look around. Although we'll be guided by whatever would be best.

I know it's a big ask a you're all probably sick of people asking - but any info would be appreciated.

I've got 37 years riding experience and currently own a 2008 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic and 2008 KTM 690 Enduro

I live in Sydney, Australia.



Suggest you trawl through a few trip reports in the "North Thailand" section and then decide whther to go N.east or N.west from Chiang Mai - N. east takes you to the Golden Triangle area whereas N.west takes you around the Mae Hong Son loop. Both are fantastic and if you have the time (a week or so), try to get them both in!