Greetings from Northern Bavaria

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Winghunter, May 26, 2013.

  1. Hello to all,

    I am glad to found this place. I already have spent hours today on the forum just to read your stories, watching all the mazing pictures. Was real impressive.

    My name is Rudi, 55 yrs. young, married and living in the Northern part of Bavaria.

    I do belong the Motorcycle Touring Club Germany. A few of us including me, plan to do a motorcycle trip in Northern Thailand by end of next year. We would like to start our trip in Chiang Mai. For the moment we have an ongoing discussion if we will take our own bikes with us or is it better to rent a bike.

    I ride a 99 - BMW K 1200 LT (my old Laday with 140 000 Kilometers on ther clock)



    I have plenty of question regarding place must go, good route advices and so on. Hope I can bomb you with tons of questions during the next time:smile1:.

    Take care for now and ride safe.

    best regards
  2. Welcome Rudi,
    be careful reading here, you might get addicted. A lot of mouthwatering reports on this forum.:happy2:

    Bytheway, your 3 introductions are visible in the "new user" section.
  3. Winghunter
    Welcome to GTR & thanks for posting.
    Any delays in approving your posts were because of me - I was away, on the road, touring with Mum.
    But I'm back to normal now & "everything should be ok".
  4. Thank you David. I was really wondering. Looking forward to have many interesting chats with you guys.8)
  5. Hi Rudi,
    Good to hear You may come over for a Visit! I will be happy to meet up with You and if the timing is right I will accompany You for some parts of Your Journey! If it is too expensive or difficult to import Your Bikes there are lots of Kawasaki 650 Versys and the New Honda CB500X for Rent here. I know they are tiny compared to Your BMW but they do a reasonable Job up here in Northern Thailand where the speed isn't normally that High and Lots of Twisty Roads to enjoy! See You here Sir!
  6. Welcome again to GT-Rider! :happy1:

    Nice bike, I've got one too! Almost 100000 miles and still purrs like a kitten :)

    Frankly, too big for the best twisty roads in Thailand- I'd recommend renting a smaller bike locally.

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy3:
  7. Thanks for your warm and nice welcome greetings.
    One thing is sure, we will rent the bikes in Thailand. the transport costs to carry the own bike to Thailand are much to high and the paperwork we have to do, seems to be horrible.
    Guess we will go for a Versys or something simular.
    Is it common, that the rental companies wonna keep your passport??? I think a copy of it must be ok for them. Don`t like to give my passport away in a foreign country.
  8. Welcome also to GTR.. Great bunch of people on this forum..

    You will need to leave your passport. That is pretty standard..
    If you damage the bike and take off. They have nothing to get the money out of you with only a copy.

    Carry a copy of your passport / visa page with you.

    Cheers and see you soon


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