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  1. Hello all
    I am new to.... well kind of new to Udon Thani. I have lived close to it for the last 5 years but I am gone most of the time working. That is getting ready to change this year and I am going to take some time off.
    I bought a Honda Fury last home in. This time home I want to start meeting other Riders and get to know the area better.
  2. Hi Furyrider,
    That's a Rare and Special Bike in Thailand I hope to catch up with You one day so i can take a Look! We will be in Kon Kaen this Friday night the 13th then Yasothon on Saturday and Sunday for the Rocket Festival if You are around that Area? Not too Far from Your Stomping Ground! All the Best!
  3. Unfortunately I can't be there Ian. I am still stuck in Iraq and at the moment not sure when I will be able to get out of here. But when do get home I will be posting where I am going and to find out what events that are going on. You will see the Fury soon.
  4. Hell Mate, Grab the Money while You can I say but Be Careful out there!!! Send Me an Email when You get Back and I will meet up with You somewhere? keep Well.
  5. Probably the best guys for you to hook up with in Udon is the Eagle riders. They have a web site I think it's Eagleridersudon or something like that. I'll be glad to show you around a bit depending on what is going on. Anyway I can introduce you to the other riders in the area, let me know when your ready
  6. Thanks Ray
    I managed to track down there web sight and sent a message to them. It looks like a good bunch and active in the community.

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