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  1. My name is Rick, 65yrs young, live the US. Really have enjoyed reading the trip reports and benefited from the useful info on this site. My gal and I have been fortunate enough to have visited Thailand twice, both times riding the MHS loop, Oct 2012, and Oct 2016, the most recent trip we had time to venture off the loop for side trips to Ban Rak Thai, Pang Ung and Mae Ngat Dam. Great experiences and memories made. The roads are all you could want and great fun but the engaging, friendly Thai people make the trip... plus the food...!!!! along with an ice cold Chang.... great way to finish a days riding.
    I made good use of the GT rider map, an excellent value, certainly made for the rigors of an often wet environment on a motorcycle..kudos to whoever wrote the specs..
    I (traveling solo this time) plan to be back in Chiang Mai this Nov for the Loy Krathong and Yee Peng festivals as well as another ride in mountains, along with some fishing... always pack my fly rod along and wet a line whenever I can. (any other fishing fools here?)
    Last Oct my rental was a V-Strom from Tony's Big Bikes (I guess renamed "TBB" Tours) I liked that bike a lot, so much, that it's my new ride here in the states, keeping the Strom company in garage is a K100RS and a Yami XT600.

    Also on my itinerary for Nov is a ride in northern Vietnam,
    reading all the trip reports......multiple times.. I hope to contribute one as well..
    Sorry for the long intro...getting excited..........thanks for all the great info
    Over and Out
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  2. Hi Rick - welcome aboard, and glad that you are enjoying the trip reports! We've recently made it a lot easier to post those... We look forward to hearing of your adventures, along with images. It's always interesting to hear the different perspectives expressed by riders from different countries, cultures and age groups. We all see things differently, and we are all intrigued by different things; the roads, the food, the scenery and/or the cultural experiences. I've always thought that 10 different people could ride the same route, and each would produce a completely different account of their trip, and no two photos would be the same! :)
  3. Thanks for welcome Ben,
    I agree that different perspectives produce different experiences, the great thing about travel for me is the exposure to those different views, opens the door for new plans, pathways & new friends..... Looking forward to my next visit to the land of smiles.....
    and posting a some bits from my perspective..... happy trails
  4. hi nice to meet you :)

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