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  1. Two years ago I arrived in Chaing Mai by total accident, bought Davids' map of Mae Hung Son and headed solo on an XR250 to discover bliss. Well got lost like a big dog, but stumbled onto Doi Ang Khang and had an absolute ball. Anyhow returning in the beginning of April for five days to explore further up north! Question is are there G.P.S units for rent these days in Chiang Mai and has David fashioned a G.P.S. map for Northern Thailand if I bring a G.P.S. unit from the States. Thanks!
    Enclosed is photo of California Moto Destination.
    IMG_0098. [/list][/code]
  2. Observation test of the day

    How many motor cycles are in the picture?
  3. Motorcycles? What motorcycles?! - What was that about "destination" . . . ?
  4. Sorry motos destination, 08 MotoGP Laguna Seca CA


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