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  1. Just a quick post to say HELLO everyone. I'm a long-time lurker and first time poster on this board. I've been living here in Bangkok for the past four years and touring by motorcycle for the better part of the past year, mostly with a group I met on Thaivisa. Anyway, hope to meet more like-minded friends. I've got a particular interest in cross-border (regional) touring. Cheers - Jet
  2. Welcome Jet

    it's always nice to see that new bikers coming to here,, i saw that you wanna take tourn in Japan,, may i ask, how you gonna take your bike in there? as the ride there might be close to impossible :cry:

    again welcome and Like minded bikers fron Bkk you ride with?? Tony-kk, Horny trend? :roll: or Anthony..
  3. Welcome Jet.

    If you've been lurking so long hope you've had time to search out all the great info on here.

    Met a couple of guys last December who'd come across from Europe, Russia, Japan and then over here. They shipped their bikes from Japan to Singapore and rode North through Malaysia and to Thailand.
    They were heading back Westward and were trying to ship the bikes from here (somewhere) to India.
  4. Thanks for the welcome..

    Marco, in fact, we met in Udon during this year's bike week. I ride fairly often with Tony, Anthony, 20 and that gang.

    As for Japan, I'm working on that now. The bikes would go airfreight. I'll post details later as I get my facts together.

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