Grit on Asphalt

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  1. On smaller country roads with low traffic volumes, the locals ALWAYS cut the corners... For motorcyclists this presents more than one danger...
    1 - Potential for head-on collisions with pickup trucks loaded 8 feet high with cabbages!
    2 - Grit accumulates on the outside of the locals usual cornering line - and if you are a law-abiding, sensible rider that normally stays on YOUR side of the centreline, any grit accummulation is right on YOUR cornering line! Watch out for it!

    The other place for grit accumulation is on side-road junctions and busy driveways... Many of these are dirt / gravel, and fine sand and grit tracks out onto the "main" roadway. Where those driveways or side-roads are on bends, or on sharper corners, they provide a moderate to severe hazard! Learning to spot them is a crucial survival skill.
  2. Thanks for sharing the info mate!

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