Group Ride BKK to Khon Kaen Sept 2-4

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    A small group of us are going to Khon Kaen this weekend leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday. Just turns out our trip coincides with Bike "Week" (didn't find out till today). Wanted to extend an invite to anyone who would be interested in making the trip as well. Plan is as follows, but is always up for ideas/changes/new routes etc.

    Fri Sept 2: Depart BKK around 4pm Head to Korat, night in Korat, beer, food, etc.
    Sat Sept 3: Korat to Khon Kaen, hopefully on a more interesting route than Hwy 2, followed with bike night in KK, beers, good food, and some fun;)
    Sun Sept 4: Head back to BKK

    If anyone is interested let me know, or if you have any suggestions as far as routes, lodging, places to see, I'm all ears.

    Safe Riding


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