GS Get Together - 19-21 November 2010

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  1. GS Get Together - 19-21 November 2010 at Chulabhorn Dam

    Saw this poster up at Barcelona BKK

    I met the Thais behind this - he rides a 1100GS & she a new 650GS
    They said that all bikers & bikes are welcome and to keep an eye up on:
    as of yet they don't appear to have posted further details [in thai].

    their facebook page

    and one of the organiser's Multiply site
    Click to enlarge
    some very good M/C pix, many from the North...

    btw, neither had heard of GT-Riders :oops:
  2. They have a nice promo clip on you tube
    [youtube:2bajt51h] /youtube:2bajt51h]
  3. Will be going there and just looked the list and there is so far 140 bikes coming,,4 farang in the list

    page is all in Thai.

    Rooms are mainly shared rooms and cost of 1 unit is 800thb

    will be posting pictures when coming back from there
  4. Hi Friends,

    Would hae love to join, unfortunately still in Europe up to mid-December. Hope someone will report it with pictures, 140 bikes that's already something.

    Enjoy the ride and regards to all BMW riders from Thailand.
  5. Azoulay

    there is 155 Bikes so far and i go there,,,will do something on here later
  6. Azoulay

    there is 155 Bikes so far and i go there,,,will do something on here later

    Im off now, report maybe monday...
  7. Gentleman

    Sad news,, i managed to go all the way to Roi Et when Fule pump gave up and my journey ended,,,first time beemer let me down,, all the other time i have let the Beemer "down"

    so sadly no reports from me,,, :cry:
  8. Little bid add to it

    Is that there was 2 GR riders wint one wint polion and i wave to them and they look at me as i have my emergency signals on but then they turn around to to talk to each other and wow they gone
    so THAT MUCH BEEREMER SUPPORT BEEMER in here,, WELL LESSON LEARNED again....time to change....
  9. Marco
    Sorry to hear about your break-down & lack of support / help. :cry:
    :shock: Shocked toot that a fellow GT Rider would ride on by & not pause to see if you need assistance. I don't know who they were / are, & wonder if they are regular forum contributors?
    Take care & I guess you've made it home by now. :thumbup:
  10. Marco sorry to hear of your woes - unconscionable behaviour by the Bavarian brotherhood!
    Hope you were able to backload the panzerkamfwagon to a REME workshop for repairs.

    David I believe that Marco was most probably saying that it was "GS" and not "GT" riders who were passing him by.
    If so, par for the course considering the majority of GS owners demographic, sadly.

    :crazy: some even travel by truck :thumbdown:
  11. :thumbup: Good thinking.
  12. Hi guys

    yes i nurtured beemer home in 1st & 2nd gear,, but my clutch must took it hard as engine did not run all cylinders and revs must be kept cranking to 5K (Beeremt top is 9) to keep it running,, it was not pleasent...

    well,, even german engineuty brakes down,,,

    but my Thai mechanic was ready to come immediatelly pick me up from ubon,, unless i could not ride it back...and now bike on on garage,,,hope i get it out b4 next weekend,, as there is roi et bike week..

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