GSXR 750 for sale chiang mai

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  1. Streetfightered Suzuki gsxr 750 for sale in CM, 50,000 baht. brand new Japanese high performance chain and sprocket, Ohlin shocks, very very fast. Mad Max style, all black, stripped down, nothing you don't need(assuming you 'need' the excessive power that the 750cc engine delivers). Incredibly fun bike to ride, come take it for a ride and chances are you'll end up buying it. Owned by Kish and Collin before me.

  2. What year is it? The green book is clean?
  3. Please could you send photos if possible i am very interested in bike.


  4. "all black, stripped down, nothing you don't need"


  5. Thunder duc, back in the land of thai just in time for high season. please let me know when you're in CM again, so i can hear about your travels over a tin cup of chang.
  6. hey dude..wat year is it...
    im also interested in it...n plezz send me some photos of ur bike
    at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]..
    please give some details about the bike too..i mean more detail..k...thanks

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