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  1. Sandra46

    Sandra46 New Member

    I'm in the states, planning a trip. How can I order Laos maps from GTR? Thanks, Sandra 46
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  3. SuziQ

    SuziQ Ol'Timer

    I noticed that on the home page there is info on maps.
    Have cut and pasted the text below. Hope this helps...[:)]

    How To Do It On Your Own Safely!
    (When in stock. Currently unavailable - 2 items out of print).

    "KIT INCLUDES guide book & 3 maps.
    1. Book: A Motorcycle Guide To The Golden Triangle. Currently out of print. Go to Amazon for stock.
    2. Map: B&B North Thailand & Chiang Mai. Currently out of print in Thailand.
    3. Map: The Mae Hong Son Loop. 2nd edition.
    4. Map: The Laos Guide 3rd edition.

    Please stand by for new editions. (working on it)

    GUIDE BOOK: The biker's bible for touring the Golden Triangle. Written by a motorcyclist for motorcyclists. Nothing else has it - accurate distances, travel times, road descriptions and warnings on sensitive border areas. Recommended loops, hotels, guesthouses and restaurants used by the riders of the Golden Triangle.
    Bangkok Post: "A Motorcycle Guide to The Golden Triangle by David Unkovich is a great handbook for any independent motorcyclist-cum-traveller. The addition of route details, travel times required levels of expertise and sight-seeing highlights make it a must for all two-wheeled adventurers."

    B&B NORTH THAILAND / CHIANG MAI GUIDE MAP. The top selling laminated guide map to the Golden Triangle region. Surveyed and drawn by the GT Rider. Published by Berndtson and Berndtson. Currently out of print in Thailand.

    THE MAE HONG SON LOOP GUIDE MAP. 2nd edition Nov 2003. The most accurate, detailed guide to Thailand's rugged Northwest frontier with Myanmar (Burma). Surveyed, drawn and published by The GT Rider.

    THE LAOS GUIDE MAP. 3rd edition Nov 2005. The only accurate guide map to the Lao PDR. Laminated - waterproof. Surveyed, drawn and published by The GT Rider.

    Kit costs US$40 (when available) and includes registered airmail postage to anywhere in the world. (Delivery normally takes 5-10 days.)

    E-mail David for more info.

    In the USA you can order A Motorcycle Guide To The Golden Triangle from Amazon."
  4. Sandra46

    Sandra46 New Member

    Thanks SuziQ, I did see this information but since some items in the package are out of print, could someone please tell me if I can order the Laos map only, how much, how to place the order? Thanks again, Sandra46
  5. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer


    Click on my user name and send me an email with your address. I will see that you get a copy of David's latest Laos Map.
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Sent you an email a coulpe of days ago.
    But maybe silverhawk has a better deal going.
    Please yourself.
  7. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer

    Not really, I still have to buy it from you..[:D] I said I would see she received one, I didn't say from who[;)]
  8. caromalta

    caromalta Member

    how accurate is this book : A Motorcycle Guide to the Golden Triangle, since it was printed 8 years ago? is it still realible?
  9. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    The book is still pretty accurate. Also there is still nothing to compare it with for bikers.
    The road kms, travel times & loop options are all still basically the same.
    Some of the road descriptions maybe a little out of date.
    A lot of the restaurants, guesthouses have changed, but for hard core road info (what bikers want) the book is still right & it works well when you are out on the road.
    The current issue covers The Golden Triangle / Laos border area of North Thailand. It has no Mae Hong Son Loop or Laos info in it, but the planned update (2nd half of 2008) will have it "all."

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