1. Took a spin around the GT loop this last week and like David saw the collapse at DMS. Building codes?????
    The weather was stunning
    and the kids were having a great time around the back of DMS
    Went on to Mae Sai where the river was running high
    and the rice fields were a treat going to Chiang Saen
    The 1129 is more like a motocross circuit with the road works. If you are going that way, its murder for miles. Didn't take any pics as I couldn't see for all the dust.
    The mighty Mekong was in full swing heading to Chiang Khong
    Got to get one of these rest hammocks but have to go to the Piston Shop to see how to fit it to the ER6n
    but the misses found an easier solution to the 'Need a quick Nap' issue so maybe forget the hammock idea
    Rain stop play on the way to Phayao but a buss shelter saved the day
    but beautiful weather again in Phayao
  2. Hi Ron

    nice pictures and yes building codes,,but also i think that hotel building has been there many yrs and every year it pours donw in rainy seasson,, so that leaves question how are the other buidings there and ofcourse it's looks like movement has been underground,,,,

    how was other buidings below there,, if i remember there was few houses down below when we stood there last year with Dougal,,,,
  3. Ron
    Great to see you enjoying life on the road, plus the weather whatever it is. :thumbup:

    It looks like you've got a handle on uploading photos too now. Well done & many thanks for the contribution.
  4. David, thanks for the instructions on posting pictures which even a non laptop person like me could follow.
    I had a look at the low side of the slope at DSM where the slide took place and there seemed to be no interruption to whats below. Dont hold your breath though! Its steep.

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