GT Map for Northern Thailand

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  1. Where can we buy GT maps in Chiang Mai?
  2. Map stock is running out in a few places while a new update is underway.

    If some of the bike shops are out then try
    Backstreet Books
    Gecko Books
    Lost Bookstore
    On The Road books
    Surawong Book Centre
  3. David, bought a Northern Thailand map couple of weeks ago from The X Centre only to find it was paper not plastic. Is the revised one available yet and in plastic and if so do you know who has stock in Chiang Mai - how is the latest one identified?

  4. There are NO plastic maps available from shops at the moment.
    Just a few paper ones left.
    The new map should be out in 6 weeks at a guess.
  5. David thanks for the reply, if only six weeks will wait for new one - assume you will give everyone a heads up.


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