GT R member who runs a resort in Chieng Mai

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  1. sometime back one of the members here said he and his wife manage a resort in Chieng Mai. I have a friend who has recently moved to BKK on work. Told him about GT Riders. He is interested to take up the biking as a hobby. I was hoping to put him in touch with the person in Chieng Mai.

    I never got around to learning how to ride the bike myself. Fractured my collarbone when some Lao youth tried to rob me. Had to pack up and return to homeland.
  2. Jonadda runs a guest house in Chiang Mai, Jonadda Guest House, its very popular and is right in the centre of Chiang Mai


  3. We're hoping to stay at Jonadda's next week when we get into Cnx but you have to give them a call the day before arriving to see if there is room at the Inn.

    Due to the flexible nature of Chiang Mai travellers they don't operate a booking system as such.

    Reports are good though..


  4. Hard Work Never Hurt Anyone, But Why Take The Risk. ~ Don't understand.

    Thanks for info, TJ. I finally tracked down John's number which he had given me in March. Have passed it on to my fren.
  5. Suzi Q its more of a joke for westerners, if you are Malay the joke would be lost in the translation
  6. The guy selling CBR400RR is said to have a resort - out of town of course. Ian Bungy.
  7. TJ, oh I didn't realize that's your byline just like David's says Keep the Power On.
    I get it. I thought you were refering to my being robbed.
    Oscar Wilde made some witty remark ~ gentlemen of breeding don't work (or something to that effect). Grin. Pleased to meet you, Sire!

    I'm not Malay although am Malaysian. My ancestors came from India and China.
  8. I suppose i ought to have a byline too. Everybody here seems to have one.

    I met this big burly guy from Alaska last year in Udon. He does all sorts. he told me of this trip he made with his troop up in the Karan hills. Said they were all one this vehicle that served as public transport on the way to another village. A farmer got on the vehicle with his goat. There wasn't any space for the goat so they had it standing on their knees. Then half way, the goat peed ~ on them. He said thereafter no matter how SNAFU-ed things got, he'd say to his recruits, "Well, at least the goat ain't peein' on us!"

    It would make a curiosity of a by line but it just doesn't do it for a woman, I think.

    Suzi Q
    Live to Tell the Tale
  9. Correction to plagiarized quote: at least the goat ain't peein' on us!"

    He said, "At least the goat ain't pissin' on us!"

    (I checked with him cos the original quote didn't sound quite right.)

    Anyone crazy enough to want to get into Myanmar through the Karan mountains, he'd be the guy to see...
  10. Suzi 1 good thing about adding a signature automatically is there is no need to sign your name at the end each time, kind of makes you lazy
  11. TJ, excuse my ignorance but how do you do that signature thingy? It's a bother having to type it out every time...
  12. Obviously, I figured how to leave my signature.
  13. There is an ELS centre somewhere in Chiang Mai. It's for teachers wishing to undertake the English language teaching course. Anybody know anything about how far its located from Jonadda's resort?
  14. There are many in Chiang Mai. Jonadda's is pretty much in the center of everything. You would have no problem getting to them. Public transportation is cheap and easy if the one you prefer is not in walking distance.
  15. Thanks Silver,
    I'll have to check the name and address of the school.
  16. Never heard of Jonadda's place being called a "resort" before! Were you imbibing in the New Year's Eve booze pretty early yesterday Suzi??? [;)]

    Hope Laos is panning out well for you Dave and look forward to your return.

    Happy New Year to all,

  17. Hmmm, Pikey, I don't know.I assumed that it is a resort. Neve been there before but i will, eventually.

    The jam in town is just too unappealing but I could hear the fireworks at midnight.My new year's eve was spent watching aging hunk Harrison Ford in Gun Shy. [;)]
  18. Don't you mean "Asian Hunk"
  19. Correction: Liam Neeson was in Gun Shy. Harrison Ford will play Indiana Jones in the 4th Part of the movie.

    No, I mean aging hunk. Are they both not caucasian?

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