GT Rider border documents and Border crossings

Hi All,
This has probably been answered already somewhere on the site but I can't seem to find it.

I am currently in South East Thailand and looking to travel into Cambodia via the Poipet crossing then head up through Laos via the Veun Kham crossing and back into Thailand via the Nong Khai crossing and then up to Chiang Mai.

Just looking for advice on making the crossings, I have already downloaded the GT Rider border documents but really am unsure as to what I need and where and how to fill them in.

Anybody fancy joining me on any of my legs more than welcome, I am a seasoned Asian rider but have never made a border crossing with a bike.

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Aug 7, 2003
Captain Pants,

Would seriously consider using any other crossing than Poipet , if go thru at Osmach (Kap Choeng) for example they fill in all the forms for you and it takes 15 minutes and no hassle. Poipet is crowded and full of "helpers" , it can be done there of course, but it is not as pleasant as it should be. if you have the Cambodian visa via the internet then I think you are restricted to using Poipet, maybe someone can confirm that??


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Crossing borders

1. Customs Permit = Temporary Import / Export.
2. Immigration TM2 & TM4 & get your passport stamped out.
you fill these in "at the border" & & hand them in, but if you have completed forms beforehand it often makes it a lot easier. Sometimes no hanging around in the queue just waiting to get the forms.

But what bike did you end up getting?

Two French guys on BMW GS1150s from Malaysia got turned back at Chiang Khong this morning because they did not have TM2 & TM4 from Sadao where they rode in. The immigration officer at the Chiang Khong port refused to stamp their passport & told them to go back down town & complete the TM2 & TM4 at the city office, before he would let them out. All a bit tough & unnecessary I thought. But you have good & bad days on the border with different officials. :roll:
Thanks for the replies guys.

David I ended up getting an ER6n bought in Bangkok from the most helpfull bike seller I've ever come accross(Thanks John) gave me copies of all documents in both Thai and English. The Er6n was just not comparable with anything else for value for money so an easy decision really. Being the owner of three Triumphs back home I'm obviously used to a much higher quality bike but the little Kawa is a nice little nippy bike and very agile ideal for The Thai road system. I have now decided to come direct to Ciang Mai from Chantaburi rather than the round about route I previously suggested, thought it more sensible to use up my visa until the end of the month and then head into Laos. Have been reading many of your posts over the last year so would love to hook up for a beer and finaly meet you whilst in Chiang Mai.