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  1. Hello Gt-Riders,
    I went and pick-up Motorcycle Escape magazine(summer issue), here in U.S.A, and came to the article on Laos. The report (article written by Perri Capell) mentioned Gt-Rider, especially David Unkovich assisted them in touring Laos, and direct to website for travel trip in SE Asia. I feel now that the article been published, this website will received more visitors, and more peoples will travel to SE Asia more due to exposure-especially from north America. I myself every much greatful to this website, and to David, and all the Gt-Rider members in keeping travel reports, pictures ect...thus allowing me to express my freedom every time I visited, and ride in CNX! Thanks

    Brihan Woolman
  2. Brihan
    Thanks for the hot tip off.
    Dont know anything about the mag / article / author.
    Is there any chance could get a copy & post it over to me
    David Unkovich
    PO Mae Ping Box 97
    Chiang Mai 50301

    Many thanks

    Keep The Power On
  3. David,
    Certainly! I'll send you a copy of the magazine. If I spend more time learning how to use computer more, and more time learning how to post the pictures ect......then I would. I think my fault is I spend too much time RIDING!

    Brihan Woolman
  4. Hey sheep fancyer, do you have a mate that can post the artical so's we can all see it[:D]
    Great feedback for Davefl,don't stop rid'n unless its a Harley[8D]
    Scott, land of OZ.
  5. Excellent write up in this mornings Bangkok Post, I have kept it for future reference. The "boys" seemed like they had a great trip, (although no mention of any further mobile BBQ's from Barry, so assumed he has given up on that business concept). Hopefully the article will inspire more of us to get of our fat arses and do likewise.
  6. Peter
    Glad you liked the Bangkok Post article ... hori83.php
    I certainly hope that the story gets more of you poor guys "trapped" in Bkk riding up-country & into Laos, where R13 Vientiane - Luang Prabang certainly is the # 1 ride in the region.
    Roberts's article was also a correct sanitized version of events, suitable for publication in the Bangkok Post.
    There were a couple of guys who missed out on this particular trip and I'm sure they will be slightly disappointed, but I also dont doubt that there will be more Mekong Boat & Bike trips as I want to go again later this year (with the right group of guys.)


    Keep The Power On
  7. Roberts's article was also a correct sanitized version of events, suitable for publication in the Bangkok Post.
    David, When do we get to read the unsanitary account of events ?
  8. What happens on tour stays on tour....

    Just ask Shane Warne and the rest of the Aus Cricket Team.

  9. Exactly, you'll need to join the team & go on tour to get the inside line. The selection process is also costly and lengthy, particularly in tea drinking terms.

    Keep The Power On
  10. Brihan
    Magazine's been received in the mail.
    Nice little story on riding in Laos wasn't it?
    Many thanks.

    Keep The Power On

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