GT Rider Drinks Half Price

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  1. Yep, that's right. Until the end of the month of May, ALL ALCOHOLIC drinks for GT Riders are 50% off at The Downunder Pub & Restaurant, cnr Nimmanhamin Soi 11. Just roll up, identify yourself as a GT Rider & you can "help yourself" for half price.
    Next MotoGP is FRANCE ON 20 May & that will be the final GT RIDER Downunder MotoGP show, so make sure you're there!
  2. David why will that be the last GT Rider downunder MotoGP show?
  3. Because ... ,motocross

    Next MotoGp is 20 May & we are back at The Downunder, and Gus has a special on for all GT Riders - 50% off all drinks, starting from now until the end of the month, when The Downunder no longer belongs to Gus. Yep, that's right the place has been sold & changes hands at the end of May. So in appreciation of all our support The Downunder has drinks for GT Riders at half price for the final countdown till the end of May.

    It’s highly unlikely that the new owners will be looking to cater our motley dysfunctional incestuous little group of fun loving non-gender-bending bikers. Speak to Gus in person for full details...
    Note too, that Gus is also offering 50% off food for all GT Riders till the end of the month. Will be some excellent cheap steaks & burgers & fish' chips going.

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