GT Rider impersonators.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
GT-Rider Members, fans and contributors;

In conjunction with a new GT Rider website redesign

Please be aware that through the use of the internet and social media sites, false information, phishing attempts, and outright slanderous information is being falsely presented by GT Rider impersonators.

There is an old adage that "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery" but the repeated deceitful and vengeful nature of the campaigns mounted by “would be competitors” and their associates, to demean and misrepresent GT-Rider, rather than compete through fair business practices, has grown more than a little tiresome and slanderous.

Due to the concern and confusion engendered by a series of counterfeit emails and websites, it is necessary to provide some clarification to GT-Rider members. Those engineering the email campaigns do so in an effort to both undermine, and to lure GT-Rider members to rival sites via what may be regarded as deceitful practices, the most serious of which may legally qualify as attempted "identity theft."

Of course, the perpetrators take pains to conceal their own identity, even to the point of "private registration" and concealment of the ownership of the websites they use.

These efforts have included, but are certainly not limited to, the following;

• "Invitation to Connect on LinkedIn" emails via a fake "GT-Rider" account

• Creation of a fake "GT-Rider" FaceBook account and page

• Creation of a fake "GT-Rider" Twitter account

• Creation of i finally found this one from Biologic.,

• Emails from [email protected] promoting i finally found this one from Biologic.

The latest attempts (May 2012) included the announcement of a fictitious new GT-Rider theme store and attempted to add to the credibility of the false information by including personal names and other information.

It is sad & indeed even sick, that these individuals have wasted such a large amount of time on destructive activities. It has been an ongoing effort to destroy the reputation of GT-Rider which has been built up over many years by many legitimate contributors, rather than establish their own identity and product. How much more could be achieved, had the same amount of time & effort been used for constructive activities?


GT-Rider Official Social Media Accounts

To ensure that you have the correct details on "GT-Rider" Social Media accounts, here they are;

• FaceBook:

• Twitter:

• LinkedIn:

Note that WE won't email you and ask you to "Connect to Us" on LinkedIn, or "Follow Us" on Twitter.

Of course, you are certainly welcome to do so if you wish, as it’s going to be another way of keeping everyone informed on GT-Rider news, views and initiatives!

As a separate issue and to eliminate any confusion, please note that GT Rider is not associated with or involved with Riders Corner Bar/ Restaurant / Guesthouse.

Recommended GT Rider venues in Chiang Mai are the Euro Diner, The X-Centre, The Kafe.

Kind Regards

The GT-Rider Team