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  1. For all Aussie members: look out for a GT Rider action shot in the next issue of AMCN.

    You saw it here first!
  2. is that the photo of the Kawasaki on the typical Mekong ferry raft?
    if it is, it is in the latest copy.
  3. Yes Tom thats it. I have to wait for the mag to get to Laos before I could see if it got printed.

    Printed in the 18 Apr 1 May edition of AMCN. For those that are not familiar with Australia AMCN is a fortnightly national motorcycle magazine, mostly focussing on sports bikes but does run the occasional adventure bike story. It has good racing coverage.

    Anyhow that's my Transalp crossing the Mekong at Champasak, Sth Laos.


    and here is a clear shot of the same photo

  4. Craypot
    Good work getting that one in. "Bass Strait" has shrunk a bit though......
    How's the Beemer going by the way?
  5. Craypot

    do you think a motorbike and sidecar would be able to cross on boat like that

    Just thinking of Pico in Phuket and his sidecar, funny enuf was only talking to him last nite and he was askng if his sidecar could fit on any boat
  6. Thanks for following up on my dreams , John :)
    In any event it will always be a close to a heart attack affair, much praying that the Mekong ferry doctors will know what they are doing
  7. just ask the ferry boat captains. Any bike will fit on one of those things. A few months after I did this crossing I was waiting for the car ferry at Paklai and got to talking to a Vietnamese guy also waiting for the ferry. He said he would never cross on one of those canoe pontoon boats. After that I decided that I will never do it again either.
  8. Beemer is doing fine parked in the shed until it stops raining....
  9. I thought that Beemer was waterproof....
    I crossed on one of the pontoon boats coming from PP up north to Hat Lek. Small setup with a lawnmower engine powering a long tail. Half way across it sputtered to a stop and would not restart. We then drift upriver with the tidal current under the new bridge, and away from the modest civilisation at the ferry crossing. I finally motioned to the boat "captain" it was out of fuel. I then drained a half liter from my Africa Twin and gave it to him . Started right up and away we went. Think that cured me of pontoon boats...........
  10. The waterproof problem is with me not the bike

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