GT Rider Mae Hong Son map review Guidelines magazine June 2012

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  1. From Guidelines magazine Chiang Mai June 2012





  2. Again a great (desserved) recognition David. In addition it is an interesting article about The Loop (even so -hungry- tigers are now only to be found in "Tiger Kingdom"). Even the 'minor errors' noted by the author add some spice and show that he did a serious job. I think that your map was one of the gratest contribution ever for the promotion of Mae Hong Son and all the attractions around this fabulous Route.
  3. Yes agreed, Great Stuff David and recognition of a Life times Work! Hard to Beat that!
  4. Fantastic review! Congrats David- you deserve it! :clap:
  5. Indeed, congratulations David. The whole GT Rider package (maps, websites, so much information etc) is a fantastic and unparallelled resource for bikers up here in the North and anyone else who wants to roam these parts infact.
    This review is obviously written by someone who know his stuff and so kudos well deserved.
  6. Thats great , congratulations. A person would be foolish to try and ride asia without the use of the helpful products provided by
  7. Great work for many years and many accolades, keep up the good work David. I must agree on one point of the map review that yes the color is not so great on the 4th series MHS but I am sure that will be rectified on the next version?
    So many times I have told new bike travelers here that the ONLY map needed here is the G-T series.

    I was an aircraft pilot for over 16yrs and I can tell you a GPS is still no match for a paper map !
  8. A great review of a great map. Congrats!
  9. Great review of a great map.

    Well deserved. Congrats David.

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