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  1. I started a thread about the new «*GT-Rider Facebook page*», but I am not sure that my post is well placed in the category* «*New Board Instructions*», and, bis repetita placent, I try again (with a link to the first thread).

    I am an enthusiastic supporter of this project, an additional convenience for users of social networks, with the potential to make GT-Rider community better known in the general public.

    To be precise:

    - the «*GT-Rider Facebook page*» was officially set up by GT-Rider administrators.

    - this Facebook page will not provide new information, but work as a connection with contents posted on the GT-Rider website. Some new threads will be announced allowing interested people to link directly to the forum post.

    - even members following regularly the news directly on GT-Rider forum, are invited to “like” the “Facebook GT-Rider page” and show their support. The reputation of the GT-Rider website will be increased by a strong position and a large supporter community on Facebook. Every “like” is important.

    This link will open the Facebook page:

    PS. You do not need to be a registered GT-Rider member in order to “like” the “GT-Rider Facebook page”, but you have to be a registered Facebook user to access it.


    This is the link to my first published thread:
  2. The "GTRider Facebook page" has got a "named" url to replace the initial numbers. You can access it here:

    I hope that you will support it. The "like" button is in the upper corner, just next to the GTRider title.

    This is an important mean to increase general awareness in the community and your "like" is important to make it happen.
  3. You are to be commended on offering your assistance on this excellent initiative.
    The internet is very much a controlled resource in VN & I have been unable to access it since our arrival............
  4. Rod, try this site to access facebook using a remote server somewhere in Europe.

    Basically it shows your IP address as being in Europe rather than Vietnam which enables you to access the site from here. The only downside is that your account 'may' be locked by Facebook as Facebook see that you're logging in from an otherwise 'unusual' location from where you they would normally expect you to be logging in from. It's usually a very simple process to unlock your account though and I can't foresee too many problems.

    Just hit me up if you have any problems.

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