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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by daewoo, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Hi All,

    I thought a sticker simillar to this


    but with English and Thai script, and a GT-Rider banner would be a good seller... good quality so that all of the tourists can stick it on their helmets when they go home...

    I know I would love one...

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  3. Noel Akers

    Noel Akers Ol'Timer

    Worth a thought but .......have you ever tried to give or recieve EAR ( mouth to mouth resuscitation) with a full face helmet ??

    You could very easily die from no air but have only mild concussion , broken arm / leg/ ribs etc.

    Identification of major risk factors ASAP is paramount, IMHO.
  4. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    I guess that is correct... I went to a local thing set up by the cops, and the local councils, and Motorcycling Australia... I live near the Royal National Park where there is a serious motorbike accident every week... At this thing they 'reinacted' a crash... actually, they got a stunt rider to have a head on crash with a car, roll up unto the roof, fall off, and play dead on the ground... impressive to watch...

    The guy doing the commentary was a rider and first response paramedic, and he said in 15 years he had only once had to remove the injured riders helmet...

    Lots of places here have the sticker for sale or for free, I just thought it would be a bit novel to have it with Thai script, so thought other 'tourist riders' like me would want one as a souvinear... to compliment our other GT rider stickers, and T-Shirts and wide selection of maps :D ...

  5. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer

    In principle this is avery good idea similar to those that exist in the UK & Oz.
    But it would presuppose a number of assumptions that the accident
    chasers have been trained & can be bothered to read such a sticker.
    Also whether they would be able to assess as per Noel's post the nature of the accident & the needs of the rider.
    The unanswered questions following what happened to Simon,
    I would suggest that should the unexpected happen
    this soon becomes a lottery and you are not holding great tickets.
  6. Noel Akers

    Noel Akers Ol'Timer

    Great subject Daewoo and obviously worth quite a bit of debate.
    I , and many other readers of this, have done numerous first aid courses over the years but it would seem the basics remain the same.
    DRABC etc.

    D - Danger to patient , self and others.
    R - there any body home in that helmet ?
    A - Is there an airway? Maintain or establish.
    B - Is patient breathing ?
    C - there a carotid pulse ?

    Quite difficult to check airway with many styles of full face helmet.

    Many designs of helmet have a tendency to tilt chin down , therefore closing airway ( if patient is lying on back ) would definitely require support under neck to tilt head back.

    If patient is lying on front , checking airway and breathing can be extremely difficult with helmet on.

    I know for a fact, there are many people die in the back of " accident chasers " and other emergency response vehicles , in Thailand , because
    they are lying on their backs with no airway.

    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head .......I am not a trained paramedic......just don't want to be that poor bugger on the ground !!!
    Lets hope if your with mates , someone knows what to do ??
  7. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    I guess it's a good idea for marketing / souvenir, but the reality here is that most people don't know what to do in accident situations.

    For accident situations I put something together a long time ago on GT Rider. You can take a look here ... ies-scenes

    But back to the original idea, yeah let's suck it & see, I will get some stickers as suggested made up.
  8. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Yeah DavidFl, mostly I just see lots of guys walking around here with their Beer Chang, Grating Deng shirts and think, it just isn't cool to get a shirt with a big Elephant and Thailand written on it, but it is cool to have little things that says "been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt"...

    If you get the stickers done, you can put me down for a few... I am sure other mates here who ride and have ridden TH would like them...

    I guess in places where there are good paramedic services on the way, you are mostly trying to limit the damage done by the good intenioned passer-by until they get there... usually in Aus, someone with some medical skills will happen along soon enough... you just don't want them to do the first logical thing which is remove your helmet, which may well be stabilising a neck injury...

    Hopefully, because they have training, they would disregard it only if really necessary...

    It is already a popular sticker here, just theought the Thai script would be a nice spin, and maybe drinking money spinner for The GTRider... :D ...


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