GT Rider, you are famous...even in France

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  1. Dear Friends,

    For your pleasure and happyness, please note that you are famous among the French Off-Road bikers.

    GT Rider has been named several times as a reference in a Visiting Thailand report in the most famous French monthly Off-Road bike magazine (400 edition, page 92 to 97).

    This magazine is The Reference for French Off-riders and is well distributed in several French speaking countries.

    It's well known that's French love Off-Road bikes, they love Thailand and they love GT Rider.

    I'll scan the release and 'll send it to David. Don't be surprise if you receive enquiries. and are named as well.

    Congratulations and beware of the B. Frenchies riding full speed in the tracks !
  2. Thats good to know mate, French off road riders are some of the most innovative and crazy people in the world of bikes.
  3. Azoulay
    Thanks for tip off. I'd love to see the bike magazine. Please send me a copy.
    Re the bike tour operators you listed, I know Enduro Thailand, this is Austrian Wolfgang, whom Ive known & been friends with for many years. Safari Thailand & Thierry I don't think I've met / know, but I suspect he probably lurks on the board under some nick name.

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