GT Riders Great! - HU Meeting Success


Dec 10, 2006
Pat yourselves on the back GT Rider Community. You were great! It was a wonderful show you were able to put on at the Horizons Unlimited Traveller's Meeting:
Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and of course Motorcycle Amazing Thailand. 'round the world rides, South America, GPS'ing, How To Survive Jungle Riding, a safe and successful Group Ride, and a super show of traveling bikes. An entertaining and informative investment in what we love to do, travel by motorcycle. From the Down Under Restaurant to The Amora Tapae Hotel to the Irish Pub, you put on a class show, showing our 'round the world motorcycle travel visitors from all over the world why our GT motorcycling community is what it is, a great group. We will get around to extending our personal "Thanks" to the great many volunteers, sponsors and supports individually, but we wanted to extend our overall thanks to everyone involved with the success of the first SE Asia Horizons Unlimited Traveller's Meeting.
On behalf of the Horizons Unlimited, hosts and sponsors we want to say a big "Khawp khun!"
Jun 21, 2006
On behalf of the GT Riders - Phuket Division I would like to say a big thank you to the guys who organised the Horizons Unlimited Meeting. Especially Dr Greg, David Unk, SilverhawkUSA, Mja34, BarryBBQ and of course Pikey.

Seeing it was organised at such short notice, you guys up there did a great job, and it was good to hear stories and chat to guys that have travelled the globe,and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves and came away with some new ideas.


Mar 10, 2006
Hi Guys,

Two mechanichal failures in a row prevented me of reaching Chiang Mai in time for the H.U. meeting.
I guessed it was good fun.
You might have learnt useful things as well: advices, smart tips, etc.
Without going into lenghtful reports, it could be a good idea to share that on the site.
At first I thought it was a bit selfish to ask... It's my own fault if I missed the event. Tough luck. Too bad. However many riders might be interested to share their experiences, views, personnal perception about the meeting... If so, please feel free to tell interesting things you 've learnt.
In advance, thanks


Mar 5, 2006
A big thank you to Dr G, David FL, Pikey & BBQ as well as the many others behind the scenes that put their time in to make the event such a success.
It was good to put faces to the many posters on this site.
Kudos to Brit from riding his KTM all the way from UK thru Boratistan, China and making it in time for the event. Also to the two ex-Rhodies [now Aussies] who came up on their GSA.


Staff member
Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Seems to be like there are a lot of guys out on the road after the event.
I met up with Turkish in Soppong yesterday, Lynn Brown & the boys in Pai & Mae Hong Son, then today Ben from Pai also in Mae Hong Son.
Hadyn & Diane should be on either Doi Phukha or god's road R1148 right now & then on Saturday we might all meet up in Chiang Mai again.
Could this be the start of the next HU meeting already???
Anyway many thanks to all those who came to the event and a special thanks for all those GT Riders who did not hesitate to jump in at short notice to help get the event off the ground, up and running.