H4 HID driving lights for sale

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  1. I have two separate HID replacement lights for sale. Both have never been used, and are designed to fit directly into a standard H4 socket. Contact me at 084-1001203

    The first one is a single unit, which has a halogen low beam and HID high beam.
    Asking price is 1000 baht. It has two ways to set it up. One is just plug and play into the original power socket, the other way is put in a new power line. Perfect for a bike.

    Here showing the twin bulbs.

    The second one is for either a car or a bike with twin H4 bulbs. It has a single HID bulb, and uses a magnet to change between high and low beam.
    NEW LOWER PRICE !!!! 2000 Baht

  2. Rhiekel. Isn't it the other way round HID low beam and halogen high? If so I'm interested.

    What make is the single one?
  3. The two bulb lights are all the same I think, halogen low and HID high beam when you are on a dark windy road and you need some serious lighting....
  4. Hi Ftends,

    It must be HID low and halogen high, no utility to do the contrary.

    However, the halogen generally look poor near the the HID.
  5. I stand corrected......the high beam is halogen. I never tested them, and never read up on them. I just took it for granted that when you really really need a lot of light, it would be the HID high beam if you were riding in the mountains at night. Oh well, learn something every day.
  6. Ok then i will have the single unit. Pm me details.
  7. Hi Friends,

    For me HID bulb is a must nowaday on bikes, it improves considerably the lightning of the bike and offer a good confort at night.

    All my bikes, even the smallest are equiped so, and cost has terribly droped down in 3 years time, you'll have a choice of lumens (often determining the color of the ligh, blue, white, super white others), the choice of balast sizes tiny, flat big and the choice of power (for the ballast, nothing to do with the power of the bulb itself).

    For some bikes with a BUS such as the latest BMW, it is recommanded to use 60 Watts ballast as it mimics the original fitted bulb (55Watts) and avoid to have error message on the dashboard.

    Do not hesitate to require help for mounting issues ...I should say that after having equiped some more than 10 bikes and scooters in France and Thailand, I begin to get familiar with it.....
  8. I never heard back from thaicbr, so both lights are still for sale.
  9. Rhiekel. I just realised you had sent me a PM. Sorry about that.

    I would still like the single. I will text you. Texted Allan
  10. Absolutely recomended as i have 5000K True white color HID's on my buss and as i ride during night time, they are just awsome.
  11. Rhiekel...
    If the sale falls through with 'Tahicbr', I'll buy the single.
    I'm local to you in Pattaya.
  12. Rhiekel. Money sent. Allan

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