Hai Yent Seat Covers at Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear

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  1. Woraphat is pleased to announce a dealership association with Hai Yent Seat Covers.

    Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear carries a selection of Hai Yent Seat Covers and can special order for your bike if necessary. Easy to put on and take off, easy to clean. These are the perfect, high-quality motorcycle cool and water repellent seat covers you have been asking for. These covers start at 430 baht for the smaller covers and are reasonably priced for the larger ones.

    Hot weather is coming and there is great comfort in having good air moving between you and that hot seat. And these covers don't grab you and pull at your skin all day, so your comfort is improved in that way also.

    Hai Yent has covers for a large number of bike seat styles and will custom make a cover for you if the measurements are provided. The measuring procedure is easy and is provided in the attached photos. If you have questions or need a larger picture, just contact us.

    Woraphat carries some models here at our shop and will order others for you. To speed your receiving of an ordered or custom made cover, we arrange the direct shipment from factory to you when possible. Stop in soon and pick one up or make a mail-order purchase. We ship throughout Thailand via EMS and provide tracking number and tracking website.

    As always, feel free to stop in and browse, discuss products you would like to see in our store or just stop in for an air-conditioned rest and a free cup of coffee or a free refreshing cold drink. Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear IS the friendliest motorcycle accessories shop you will visit. We have a nice selection of in-stock saddlebags, tank bags, panniers, etc. in the north of Thailand and we add new products constantly. We stock jackets, riding armor, steel chrome accessories, gloves, big-bike dress items and more.

    For further info or to discuss a seat cover for your bike, you can contact us here- http://crsaddlebags.com/








  2. For any of You out there who have never heard of or seen these Seat Covers, They are absolutely Amazing. They make a Real difference!!! You have to Try them, much better than Butchering Your Seat. Original Seat remains so do the Good Looks and the Cover can be removed at any time!
    Marty do You have them for the CRF 250 in stock? I will come up and Grab one if You do.
  3. Hello,Mr.Ian

    Yes,I have 2 in stock right now I can hold 1 for you or send to you too,happy to do ka.:smile1:

  4. your're right Ian. They are absolutely amazing . have one on the CB500X and KLX. wouldn't want to ride without one, especially in this heat at the moment
  5. I am interested in one for a 2013 Wave that has a large stock seat and for my V Strom if available. I was only in Chiang Rai yesterday and could have dropped by.

  6. Sorry. Have been locked out of this account for some time due to a technical error on my part. I have sent a P.M. to you. Always feel free to send us an e-mail as well-

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