Half day ride to Muang Khong

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  1. Took the Scrambler on a 'getting to know you ride' to Muang Khong today and what a lovely ride it was.
    From CNX it was up the 107 to Chiang Dao for a healthy Breakfast at Nest 1, then off into the national park on to the road to Muang Khong.
    Its a very scenic road with little to no traffic as it dosen't go any where else. The cement road finishes at Muang Khong.

    The morning was cool and cloudy but the views through the clouds spectacular, winding up into the hills

    For the most part the road is nice and windy surrounded jungle

    although there is quite a lot of subsidence along the way.

    The park gates at the Muang Khong end of the road

    The river looked pretty full at the village

    but the village is nothing much to look at

    yet the surrounding countryside is superb

    The problem with this ride is that you have to come back the same way, or go bush, and I think you need to be a dirt biker to manage that. So back the same way for me with a few spectators roadside looking pretty relaxed

    A Lisu village I think and very pretty but I didnt see a soul

    You have to watch out for fallen trees. There's a lot of this sort of thing

    but the road and the surrounds make it magic little ride

    Stopped at the X-Centre for lunch at 1.00pm on the way home and home by 2.30pm as the day started to get stinking hot.
    Total distance 236 kms and a really enjoyable little ride. Love the bike too.
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  2. Yes Colin, there has been a lot of early rain in the North early this year and so everywhere is very green and lush with the rivers and klongs running unseasonably high for some time now. Also the haze from burning off came to not much this year, thankfully. Its a lovely time to be out and about. Beats the traditional 'riding season' hands down in my opinion.
  3. Ron,
    Told you it was good; any problems finding the ticket for park entry?
    I was up there in 2008 after the great Xmas bash that the Nest puts on each year; the Lisu from the village you passed danced at the Nest on Xmas eve.
    Another spot worth seeing out that way is the cave temple up 'a million steps' at the end of the Nest road - the King was there upon the death of the founding monk.
  4. No entry paid. Just a small conversation on football and Man United both of which I know little about but a good laugh by all.

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