Hand made alloy paniers in CNX

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  1. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Hi all,

    At least, I got them, thanks to a thai friend of mine who has a friend who works in Deng Glon Pratoo (DKT)...


    They perfectly fit my F650GS (IMHO)... They are about 25 liters each: I don't think I'm going to do the "world around" :roll: They are sufficient for a "some-few-days" trip for 2 people...
    Gross weight (brackets more paniers): about 12 kg.


    Great work! It is exactly what I was expecting... Hat down masters!


    Brackets are made from a 16 x 1.5 tube of iron and then sprayed with a half-matt black... Screws and nuts have to be changed for stainless steel ones... I chose "fixed" paniers: my skilful wife is going to designed special bags to fit inside... We prefer...


    "Cherry on the cake", paniers get a lock but no hinge: the cover (with a washer) is clamped with the box on the front side... Slide it in the clamp, close it down and lock it at the rear! Easier to take off bags and stuff...

    Et voilà!
    One happy biker more! :p

    Really great work! Maybe not the "Oh dear, the german touch!" (who cares?), but for sure a superb piece of thai master-work! I "love" my paniers and thank very much the masters for their knowledge and thaeir skil!..
    I chose a 3 mm gauge aluminium alloy (very strong paniers!)... If I had to "replay", maybe a 2.5 should be sufficient...
    The next step will be a rear rack and a back-rest for the comfort of the pillion...

    As said to me the workshop manager: cost of this work (same boxes with proper bike brackets), all included: 15000 Bahts.
    Price up if bigger paniers or "very special option"...
    Despite I like the "raw" alloy finish, paniers can be sprayed too (about 1000 Bahts more)...
    Special design on request...

    Phone number: 053-202269-70
    Location: Going to the airport by the south highway (first ring), it is in the left hand soi just before taking the bridge, or the last soi about 300m before turning left in the Hang Dong road... The workshop is at the end of the long block left hand side...
    Note please: ONLY THAI SPEAKING THERE (and very kind, pleasant and patient people)...
    One more note: they can do a lot of "things" for your bikes (I'm amazed!)! Ask them what you want... and they will do it just for you!

    Cheers to all!
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  3. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    Nice ones there matey,and not that costly.
    I saw that you have covers sealed as well so they are water tight as well.

    obviously you have picture from original banniers to show to them so they could imitate from there.

    nice ones and looking forward to see your top box, that one, are you gonna make it removable?
  4. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Thanks for your comments Marco.
    And thanks to correct me: the cover get a seal, not a washer!..

    Yes, I gave the technicians some pictures, but I also drew quoted plans.

    No rear top-box... I don't feel at ease with this; but just a rack in case of... and a back-rest indeed!
    I'm now waiting for the specific F650GS BMW tank-bag I ordered 2 weeks ago in Barcelona CNX.

    The idea is one panier for Madame and the other one for Monsieur, and just drop utilities in the tank bag...

  5. daewoo

    daewoo Ol'Timer

    Nice work gobs...

    A lot of guys who use hard panniers choose to make them a tight fit for a 20L plastic 'Jerry Can'... cut the top off the Jerry Can, so it becomes a rectangular 20L bucket... that way you can load everything into the bucket, and the bucket easily slides in and out of the pannier... and just take the whole bucket with you into your room at night...

    In Thailand you could leave the pannier open at night so no one would be tempted to break your lock to see what is inside... In Australia if you left it open some drunk would vomit in it :) ...

  6. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    5555555,,,so true
  7. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Very nice Gobs.

    The savings over the Toura(costtoomuch)Techs will keep you in Singha for a long time to come.

    Maybe some clearcoat to keep the aluminum looking top shelf.

    Thanks for the referral, good info.
  8. chiangmairich

    chiangmairich Ol'Timer

    Hi Gobs,
    The end result looks great.

    Yesterday I gave Somchit engineering plans for boxes to be constructed the same for the A/T,with about 18 Litre capacity per side.
    Have photos of the Touratech mounting system and hopefully will be completed by the end of next week and I can post a few pics as well.
    Price quoted so far is 4,500 ea. for the boxes.

    BTW these guys also manafactured the exhaust can in stainless on my bike last year,with excellent results as well as a saving of about
    6-7 Kilo in weight.Cost then was about 6,500 if I recall.
  9. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Hi Richard,

    Is the job completed yet? I remember there is the muffler on the right hand side of your bike... How do you manage with this?
    If possible, some comments and pics would be appreciated...

    Just for the fun (or only for mine maybe :roll: ). Some pics of "my" boxes at the end...




    Thanks for part to BignTall, I decided to coat the boxes. But in a "not too black" finish painting slightly spreaded with a sponge...
    I add too small handles on the covers, so in case of I can secure some light packs on them...

    At the end it's exactly what I was expecting previously. And very useful...

  10. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Gobs - The bags look fantastic :lol: , more importantly I hope they give you years of functioning fun.

    Good thing with paint is that if you ever decide to go back to the raw aluminumn look medium blasting is inexpensive over here. Another option if you get sick of touching up the paint from nicks and scratches is powdercoating. Its available in Chiangmai in two locations. I personally take my stuff to Richco motorsports off of the south side of the moat for powdercoating.

    Chiangmairich - I've had racks and exhausts done by Somchit before with no issues. Best of luck and let us know the cost of 'em from Somchit and also when finished I'm sure we'd all like to see some pics.
  11. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    Do they do powercoating only for MetalAluminium parts?
    would be nice to get it done for plastic as well.

    How's the cost vice?
  12. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer


    Do they do powercoating only for MetalAluminium parts?
    would be nice to get it done for plastic as well.

    How's the cost vice?
    Powder Coat is baked on at high temperatures.

    Contact: http://richcopowdercoating.com/
  13. BignTall

    BignTall Ol'Timer

    Thanks for posting the link Silverhawk.

    Marco - As Silverhawk states powdercoating is done at high temps (think oven baked) so it is not suitable for plastics.

    Cost is size dependent and you need to stop by for Richie to give you a quote. Just an FYI it is not inexpensive like paint is over here.

    The last thing I had done by Richco were some soft bag mounts for my saddlebags on the rear of the KTM, done in black.



    Total cost for both sides was about 1000 baht. I've had Richco do a number of things for me over the years and I've always been pleased with the work done.[/img]
  14. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Thnx guys and yes i knew that it's done by own baking,, i just dont know what make me post and ask it for plastic parts,,,something in my head just did not work right,, :lol:

    i'm looking for possibility to make my "tanks" front more stronger against flying stones and depree while on the road
  15. beattheswiss

    beattheswiss Ol'Timer

    Hey Marco

    Congratulations on attaining "Revered Old Git" status - long before your physical age would have entitled you to this predicate! Now let's not talk about the rest of you.... :wink:

    How's the assembly of your "tank" coming along? Any chance you can ride her during this year's cool season??
  16. beattheswiss

    beattheswiss Ol'Timer

    These panniers are impressive! Sorry for deviating just a slight bit from the original subject: Does anyone know where high-quality Thai-made fiberglass luggage is available? I live in BKK and use imitation leather saddlebags, but would like to get a pair of custom-made touring cases and perhaps a matching trunk for the tail. Thanks for your recommendations!
  17. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Yes, Richco makes a great work! And powder coating is a very strong "painting".
    I think for my 2 paniers, the cost should be about 5000/6000 Bahts. But I consider they are to be scratched and damaged in the future. So I go for the "inexpensive way"... But maybe one day I change my idea... :?

    Beattheswiss, I think it's a very good idea "your fiber-glass cases"! I didn't even think about that... Light and strong enough to support some incident, and easy to repair.
    But if I don't make any mistake, you have to consider to first make a mould (foam, plaster, wood or whatever) and then "dress" it with fiber glass... You have to build a model in 1/1 scale... Can be good to fit exactly your bike and your expectations...
    Can't help you for a workshop in BKK, sorry... But I guess they are numerous... In CNX I've heard of some they mould things to customize cars (bumpers, hoods and so on)... Maybe check in this way...

    What a nice bike, your KTM, B&T! Wonderful... Wow, just the fork, man!..
    I guess it's a X-cross bike and you use it in this way: so dirty! :wink:

    Make me thinking of a new post: "what is your(s) actual bike(s)"...
    I must confess I don't even know the bike of everyone here...

    Cheers to all,
  18. chiangmairich

    chiangmairich Ol'Timer

    Hi all,
    Just got the brackets and boxes on last night,so apologise for the crappy pics as I finished near dark then had to wizz down to ban pa mai near Lamphun.
    The brackets come up great and powdercoated,I imported Touratech mounts so I can remove and fit boxes as required,took ages,3 weeks+ from Germany.(lucky tho,no import fee as they were delivered to my home address)
    I attached some small brackets to the lids for ocky strap attachments also

    Boxes: 15k Bht,including brackets and painting in matte black and etch primer.
    Touratech mountings: 3,600Bht the pair
    Freight 1,450Bht = 5,050Bht
    Richie Powdercoating (brackets) 2,500Bht
    All up 22,550 Bht
    A lot cheaper than genuine touratech at 60K Bht
    I was able to leave the exhaust in the original position and mount the brackets outside of the can,which saved a few headaches !

  19. SilverhawkUSA

    SilverhawkUSA Ol'Timer



    Very nice job there, Rich :D
  20. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Hi Richard!

    You got a very nice work! Happy for you that all is ending as you expected...
    I was not even aware one can order just the "mounts" from Touratech. I think you had a good plan with this...
    These "mounts" give me some ideas... :wink:
    Do you went for hinges between box and cover, or just stayed with the "sort of a clamp" to be able to fully take off covers?

    There are some "experts" now in Deng Glon Pratoo Company!

    Enjoy on happy trails, Richard.
    Cheers to all,
  21. chiangmairich

    chiangmairich Ol'Timer

    Hi All

    Firstly a big thanks to Dave E, for retrieving and posting my other pics for me,I think my com is really slow and something timed out.

    Gobs,I used the same style lid attachment as yours,no hinge and removeable,but will probably attach a short chain from the lid to
    the box in case it comes open whilst riding.
    The Touratech mounts seem very good,but I needed 3mm spacers under the mounts as they are designed for 18mm tube and I used 20mm tubing,adding 1mm extra to allow for the powdercoating thickness and it worked out great.

    I will "enjoy on happy trails" for sure :)

    Ride Safe Everyone
  22. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    Richard said: "no hinge and removeable,but will probably attach a short chain from the lid to the box in case it comes open whilst riding"

    I've got the same thought, Richard... Not a chain, but maybe something like a rubber band with hooks...

    Ah, when two great minds meet together! Well, hem...


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