Hang Dong-Ban Tawai-Ban Mae Wang-Bokeo- Samoeng-Chiang Mai

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  1. Hang Dong-Ban Tawai-Ban Mae Wang-Bokeo- Samoeng-Chiang Mai

    After the heavy rain the night before, we thought it could be dry again today. Wrong!!!
    I took out my good old Africa twin for this ride with George and Dirk. On the Canal Road we drove until almost Ban Tawai and took a sharp right direction Ban Mae Wang.
    Half way to Mae Wang we decided to take the off-road shortcut over the mountain. Wrong again!!1 It was slippery like hell and the Africa twin was just spinning around the surface. No chance to get up there. For our private amusement, we met some Off-road Jeeps there.

    Let the pics speak for themselves.






    After spending maybe an hour with the group we turned around and continued on asphalt instead. At the time we arrived in Ban Mae Wang it started raining cats and dogs. We stopped nearby the river for some food and watched those tourists having fun on the bamboo rafts.


    Then rain didn’t stop and we continued our journey. It was getting really cold now and the temperature dropped to 21 degree Celsius. It was getting very foggy when we arrive at the Doi Intanon Intersection. Then we continued riding thru the tin mine shortly before Bokeo and back to Samoeng and the Chiang Mai.
  2. Saxonator old chap, bloody hell great photos & what a hole for the 4WD, but how could you do that to your beloved Africa Twin. :shock: :p :wink:
  3. Hey David,
    that was just parking the bike, nothing happened, I just couldn't find solid ground to put it on the stand and the jeeps were moving closer, so I had to get out of the way.

    Cheers Rudi :shock:
  4. So no excuse for another wild 'n wacky paintjob then Rudi? ;)

    Wicked photos as well mate.


  5. hey pickey,

    thanks for the comments, here's some more pics.






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