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    My place of stay inn August 2011

    the Hong Ngoc 2 Hotel
    in the old quarter
    US$42 a night.




    The room




    The bathroom

    with a nice tub & I soaked in it daily.


    I have previously stayed at the Hong Ngoc 1 but found the staff at the Hong Ngoc 2 considerably more friendly than at Hong Ngoc 1.
  2. The old quarter in Hanoi is fantastic & I plan to go again.
    I wandered around the lanes looking for a hotel that was closer to the lake so it would be so easy getting lost (after a few lakeside beers) on the way home.
    I collected a few biz cards & reckon that these few might worth checking out.

    1. Miguel's Nong Hoi


    2. http://www.goldensunhotel.com/lakeview/index.htm


    3. http://www.heart-hotel.com/


    4. http://www.morningstarhotel.com.vn/


    Just some ideas for newbies going to Hanoi.
    I will be trying for one with lake views next trip.
  3. Thanks David,

    My friend and I are booked to arrive in Ha Noi April 4th for 3 weeks of self guided moto touring in the far North. Your lodging recommendations all turned out great in the GT, so will check these out too.
  4. Feejer
    How'd you go with a hotel in Hanoi?
  5. David

    We had a good troublefree experience dealing with the May De Ville. We wanted beds close to the moto rental so this place was great for that at only a 2 minute walk to Flamingo. They picked us up at the airport as arranged and dropped us right at the front desk for $18. Dao was very helpful with any and all questions/advice and even gave us his cell # for translation service if we ran into any difficulties in the remote places. He was a bit concerned we were venturing out without guide on our first trip but all went well fortunately. Not the cheapest at $35US, but I would still recommend this hotel as it is clean, conveniently located, and helpful/friendly staff.

    Vilayvong Guesthouse

    We were intercepted by the manager of the Hanoi Essence hotel next door when we returned to the city from Mai Chau. We were tired and a higher standard was welcome. At $45, it was still a good value in my opinion at it was a nicer room and included breakfast which was really good and very friendly/talkative waitresses :) The staff here was world class and professional as anywhere I have traveled. Great value for the money IMO.

  6. Just in from a delightful week in Hanoi / Sapa.

    Found the Golden Sun Lakeview absolutely super & can't wait to go back! Fabulous people & staff.AND a brilliant location just a few hundred metres off the lake & the main happy hour "Legend Cafe" corner. Located in a "quiet" lane, if you can get one in Hanoi, but the lane has enough good restaurants & cafes that you dont need to go far at all for good food with good friendly service.


    Hotel entrance



    My lakeview room



    img_2646. img_2647.

    A lakeview
    between the bars

    a better night time lake view

    The quiet lane, under repairs to sink the power lines
    in 3 more months all will be done & it's back to normal.

    Highly recommended!
  7. Nice find with the Golden Sun. How was the bike parking situation with them? That was my only complaint about our stays on Ta Hien St. No secure parking provided and all of the public lots nearby were full up. Hung from Flamingo even tried to convince the guy to move some bikes for us but no go. We had to store the bikes overnight in Flamingo's garage over on Tran Quang Khai.
  8. Arh yes parking, no go really.
  9. The Centre Point Hanoi

    a return to Hanoi & the Golden Sun had changed names & I could not find the new name to book ahead, so the Centre Point it was.
    As it turned out the Centre Point was just a few doors down from the Golden Sun & I reckon the Centre Point is definitely the winner.
    Most of these hotels are about the same, but the young manager Tim at the Centre Point spoke excellent English plus had a great personality. The staff are very kind & courteous & attentive - a cut above all those I have tried so far, but the Centre Point has the roof top - open air - restaurant with a winning view

    The Day Time View over the lake

    The Night Time View
    GTR-Hanoi-CentrePoint- IMG_3568.JPG

    Dining at night with a view
    GTR-Hanoi-CentrePoint- IMG_3569.JPG

    Brekky at the Centre Point
    GTR-Hanoi-CentrePoint- IMG_3564.JPG

    The Room
    GTR-Hanoi-CentrePoint- IMG_3566.JPG

    The view from your room
    GTR-Hanoi-CentrePoint- IMG_3567.JPG

    Very contented guests

    Centre Point Facebook

    Centre Point Website

    Top value with a roof top restaurant & view like that.
    Check em out. Say you are from GTR & you will get a discount!!

    Tim the super friendly manager

    Highly recommended.
  10. That Centre Point looks Top Notch. Great Room and Fantastic Views!!!

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