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    Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim
    67 Duong Thanh


    One of the best lunch time experiences.

    What you want
    Bun Cha: "Grilled Pork Noodle Soup"
    Pork meat grilled over hot coals served in a sauce with bun (vermicelli), + herbs / fresh veges.
    The pork is made into patties mixed with garlic and shallots, egg, fish sauce and sugar.
    It is an absolutely delicious dish. & is a must to eat in Hanoi.


    Friendly staff

    What you get

    How we did it in March 2010

    The 2010 serving

    Bun Cha more info.
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    Buon Dua Le Cafe
    20 Hang Hanh street. Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi.
    a new aircon little cozy cafe under Aussie management.
    Spotlessly clean. Excellent service (good English), helpful staff, delicious food, good coffee & breakfast.
    Indeed this was our brekky spot in Hanoi every day!


    spotlessly clean & cool aircon.

    The balcony for smokers
    and a nice view of the street below.

    A very refreshing mango shake

    Some food


    Highly recommended, & most conveniently straight across the street from the Golden Sun Hotel.
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    Coffee was introduced into Vietnam by French colonists in the late 19th century. Vietnam is now a strong exporter of coffee with the bulk of the coffee grown in the central highlands. When coffee was first introduced fresh milk was not widely available, so sweetened condensed milk was used with a dark roast coffee.
    Today, drinking coffee on the street side is a very popular pastime in Hanoi; & it was something I enjoyed immensely - people watching whilst having a roadside drink (although not necessarily a coffee.) Hanoi is a truly wonderful city.

    The most famous coffee street in Hanoi is Hang Hanh, where the Golden Sun Hotel is located (we lucked out.)
    There are several old style coffee shops in Hang Hanh, of which the most famous is the Cafe Nanh. The Cafe Nanh has been in biz since 1946 & is a genuine coffee shop icon in Hanoi.

    The Cafe Nanh
    famous for it's coffee in Hanoi.

    The number of motorcycles coming & going with people popping in & out for a cuppa Hanoi's best was amazing. There must be hundreds in a day, just swinging by for a cup of traditional Vietnamese coffee (or engine sump oil as one disgruntled traveler proclaimed).
    A line up of customers bikes outside the Nhan.
    sometimes there were so many bikes that they blocked most of the street. Parking valets were in attendance, & you stopped, got off your bike, walked inside for a cuppa & the guys parked your bike nicely in the row. & when it was time to go, they retrieved your bike for you & lined it up ready to go. All part of the service, just for a cuppa thick dark coffee. The Kiwi Cruiser & I were most impressed

    Inside the Nhan
    old style, with several types of rooms, depending on your mood & companion of the day.



    Upstairs with the Kiwi Cruiser

    The upstairs spaghetti wire street view

    My meal + a hot cuppa dark thick rum coffee
    & by this stage the KC had fled the scene in search of a cappuccino!
    I enjoyed my meal & the rum coffee; although the rum tasted more like a shot of ya dong whisky (which it probably was.)
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    37 Hang Hanh, Hoàn Kiếm

    a delightful cozy little indoor / outdoor restaurant. Tasty food, good service, friendly staff & owner, & brilliantly located on a street corner / bend in the lane.
    The Kiwi Cruiser & I ate most of our evening meals here & it was always good, inexpensive & most enjoyable - watching the Hanoi world go by, plus chatting to the owner & staff.
    The double shots of Cointreau at the end of night went down well everytime.

    Anyway a few nibbles...

    A pasta dish with herbs & spices

    Duck with orange sauce

    Some kanom - banana pancake "Rainbow style."

    A small fruit salad


    The Rainbow was a gem of a place for KC & I in Hanoi. Check it out for a meal or two if you're around there.
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    11b Ngo Bao Khanh, Hà Nội Hanoi
    (Opposite Cafe Nhan)
    Newly opened November 2011
    a super little smart modern well designed aircon cafe, serving French & Vietnamese food, plus out of the world pastries.



    & apologies no pix of the food, but the pies & cakes & tarts were unbelievably good & I often had a double serving.
    Dont miss out here.
  6. The "Vietnamese BBQ"
    GTR - IMG_6950.JPG
    47 Ma May Street

    GTR - IMG_6951.JPG

    super popular with the locals
    GTR - IMG_6952.JPG

    cook 'n eat as much as you like
    GTR - IMG_6954.JPG

    GTR - IMG_6955.JPG

    The happy crew for a Vietnamese "Pig out."
    GTR - IMG_6953.JPG
  7. Noodles - dry - a dry beef noodle salad.
    Something different, but voted the best meal we had in Hanoi this trip.
    GTR - IMG_3841.JPG

    GTR - IMG_3845.JPG

    GTR - IMG_3843.JPG

    How it comes out - huge servings & incredibly delicious

    2 happy customers
    We were 2 couple on this trip & everyone voted this the best meal in 8 days.
    In fact it was so good, the last day there was a frantic rush to find the shop again for one more beef noodle salad nosh up!

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