Hanoi to Mai Chau


Aug 25, 2004
This Trip: Hanoi to Mai Chau, back to Hanoi
Trip date: June 2006
Number in group: Alone
Trip duration: 1 day
Distance covered: 200 miles (100 each way)
Favorite place: Mai Chau
Biggest headache: Traffic in Hanoi
Biggest mistake: It rained in the mountains. My rain gear? an extra t-shirt.
Pleasant Surprise: The rain
Any illness: None
Other trips planned: Cambodia, Nov 2006
One travel tip: Bring camera, stop more often
Bike Model: Honda Baja 250
Bike problems: None
Accidents: None for me, but saw one
One biking tip: Carpe diem

Rode a Honda Baja 250 from Hanoi to Mai Chau.... You can rent big bikes (250 cc) in Hanoi.... Its about a 3 hour ride one direction.... It takes a while to get out of Hanoi.... The weather can change dramatically along the way once you hit the mountains... The ride really gets good about an hour out of Hanoi... I rode alone and loved the ride.... ive got some pics, map images and GPS routes/tracks to share but can't figure out how to include them.[?]
Nov 14, 2004
Hey Mr T, you'v wet the appatite, tell us more of the trip, and work out a way to post the picks, 250 baja names and adresses of bike hirer. Keep'm com'n .....Scott