Happenings on March April (Phuket Bike week)

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  1. Hi

    IT's seems that something is wrong in my previous post and it cant be seen.
    Any how, i was asking what is going on in March & April as i finally got bike and plan to do some touring.

    Also was intrested if any one is going to Phuket Bike week on April 9th 14th?

    Oh yeah, i got my self BMW K1200LT
  2. Well congradulatiosn nice bike

    The only things that i know of is one of the guys who owns a tour company is planning a tour of Mae Hong Son in March.

    Another guy is working on a trip in March or a April traveling the entire border of Thailand.

    The guys in Khan Kean and Udon will be out and about on rides. I post them here as well as to the e-mail list, but they seem to come up as they do.

    Did you check he events calender on the forum.

    You still living in the Ubom area?
  3. Hi Ray

    Yes i still living in UBON

    trips sounds good and have to keep my eyes and ears open.

    Im planning to head down to Phuket bike week,, do you guys have any plan to go down there?
  4. No plans that I know of
  5. I believe there are a few Guys Riding down for Phuket Bike Week from Chiang Mai but can't confirm numbers yet if you wanted to come over here and go down with us?
  6. Hi Ian
    cheers mate,, i can meet you guys just outside of the Suphan Buri or Nokhon Pathom if you guys using that route and go down from there as im coming from Ubon, it is short one day trip for me.

    im still try to get some guys from KK direction if there would be some one to join from my Finnish country men.
  7. Hi Marco Have to wait till nearer the date then ask again so we know exactly who is going? Mike said he was going on His Harley Tourer from here to Hua Hin for the first night. Tim said he will Go on His Trick CB1300 so i would go with them i suppose but as i say wait till closer the Time to see what else is happening etc?
  8. Hi Ian

    No worries,, like you said let's wait and see in the nearer date.
  9. Just to keep this thread going, I was talking to Franz (Eastern Seaboard) and trying to see if some from here can go and meet you guys.

    Any update on PBW plans?
  10. Peter as we spoke yesterday,, lets try to get nice big group and meet CM group somewhere outskirt of BKK,, i think HH is too far down,, guys up in CM, are you planning to stop where on the way down?

    Any one from KK coming? or Sisaket?

    Lets build large group and make a memorable ride to down below....
  11. I'm with you Marco. Ready to go.

    Lets see what the CMX guys plans are and fix a meeting point.
  12. Peter

    Got message from MPR guys that they are staying in HH over night.
  13. OK Marco. Do we have any dates yet?

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