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  1. A fabulous and memorable kick off to the new year!
    Ride safe.[8D]
  2. Wail!!!!! I wish I was out of the country. I miss my misadventures and the incredible freedom out in Laos. There's a NEW YEAR party at the Lao Plaza Hotel tonight. it's way too yuppy here in KL.[V]
  3. Best wishes Shamini...
    Wish you less yuppies in the coming year
    You may try around here... Should be fine.
    P.S. Sorry for the self rageousness... I had to find a quote to explain the picture which is the first one I ever managed to load on this site.Successful try. Hourrah this is a good start for this year.
  4. Slash,
    the CELTA certificate is my fall back plan once an old and gray. Can't make it out of the country anytime till after February during Chinese New Year Hols. Believe it or not, Laos is as far as I ever travelled away from Malaysia.
    is that where you're based, Slash?

    SuziQ was my childhood idol. Sharmini is my birth name. Friends call me Sharm.
  5. Hi Eric!
    Thought perhaps you didn't want to know me any more![:D]
    How was China? Hopefully I meet up with you in BKK this year.
  6. Slash, i meant, are you based in Chiang Mai?
  7. What qualifies for a fun road trip? The rugged terrain, the distance or the scenery.
    Rugged terrain ~ there ain't much of that in the Malaysian Peninsula
    Distance ~ a travel agency in prep for the solar powered car raleigh this year said one round trip clocked less than 3000km.
    Scenery ~ beauty lies in the eye of the beholder so it depends on you

    Having said all of that have you ever considered doing a road trip around Malaysia. Borneo has good all of the 3 and you gotta taste the 'tuak'. Packs a punch that you'll appreciate.
    Go Borneo, Slash?
  8. The rugged usually don't really like Malaysia not unless they are in Borneo. That's wild country.
  9. Hi SuziQ

    I always enjoy riding in Malaysia, used to have an ex pat mate on Penang, with a Hyabusa so used to call in there a lot, try to get to MotoGP in Sepang most years, (pity about the rain during practice in 2006)

    And the Cameron Highlands are great to visit, almost got me homesick for England.

    Any chance of you getting a few more of the Malaysian drivers to start using their indicators, as most of them dont realise they exist and gets a bit interesting on the Expressways when they just pull out to overtake right in front of you with no warning.

    Happy New Year
  10. TJ, Defoestation has ruined the Camerons. Been told it isn't as cool anymore. Riding in Malaysia must be quite different from GT, I expect. I have a banker friend here who hits the oads on long holidays. Laugh. He wasn't too impressed though.

    There is this man made Island called Banding Island along the North South highway. A lot of country surrounding. I loved it the last time we drove through.

    Where dis you go to on your road trips? The Peninsula is not really adventurous, I think. Too much concrete. But Sarawak and Sabah in Borneo is something too check out. I have a friend who has roots there. This July , when the Intenational Music festival hits Kuching, we are planning to go down. She is a tribeswoman. The Long houses are still there. It's the last few frontiers left on earth... I wanna see it before its all gone. If you enjoy caving, I hear the Mulu Caves are spectacular. The only vehicles that are suitable for these parts are 4 wheel drives and your dirt bikes. Also Labuan island is beautiful. Am salivating just thinking about both destinations. Deep sea divers are often based there.

    Malaysia is so tiny in comparison to the rest of the world but I'm embarrassed to say that I still have not seen all of it! Apprehensive about backpacking alone. Lots of psycopaths out there...

    You coming back here any time soon, TJ? I can connect you with the Sarawakian contact, if you wish.
  11. Excuse my typo. [|)]

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