Happy New Year!

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  1. Well we're entering the Year of the Tiger now!

    2010 is the Metal Tiger year according to Chinese lore.

    Outbreaks of war and strife are said to hallmarks on this year but also great steps of change and effort.

    I shot this video from my room as fireworks exploded everywhere :D

    May you live in interesting times :)
  2. Happy " Wan trut chin"...i finally got over the 80 % (160 proof ) Austrian Stroh Rum that i drank....it was part of the Beverages presented for Chinese New year ( 2 celebrations, 1 bottle for the chinese buddah, another one for the Dead ,which gave me 2 Bottles of that crazy rum ) Tomorrow i stop drinking :? ok lets make that day after tomorrow and i shall revise this decision if deemed necessary :D
  3. So it is the year of the Tiger ...hope my Tiger Boxer 250 RS brings me luck?
    happy trails,


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