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  1. Don't know if anyone has looked at www.dbigbike.com located outside Bangkok but I have dealt with them and have nothing but good to say about them. He can get any bike you want and is very reasonable and provides both recycled and new green books.

    Not advertising for this shop but just another shop to visit for those looking. He also has a friend with a shop who can do airbrushing (Cheapest I've seen)

  3. I have met the Thai guys from D bike at many shows they are a knowlegable and enthusiastic crew and they certainly get around.
  4. Are these guys related to Dr. Bike in Bangkok on Chok Chai 4? That is where I normally go with my XR. They are more specialist on street bikes but they always do a very good job on my XR against a very reasonable price.
  5. no I think they are a different crew.
  6. I live not far from Dr Bike on chok chai 4, but never been there as my thai biker friends around there says he's too expensive to deal with. I will try him out sometime then.
  7. drbigbike and dbbigbike are definitely not connected businesses .
  8. Tom

    I have only experience with them with my and my friends Honda XR's, not with street bikes. They might be a little more expensive then the local Thai shops but they are much cheaper then the well known names. Further for dirt bikes they have a very good mechanic which always make my bike come better then when it goes there.

    I am not related to the shop but am very happy with their service, knowledge, pricing and integrity. To share this information I have posted the messages on this subject.

    Give it a try and lets see what you think
  9. NEVER deal with farang bike shops in Thailand. I don't care how expensove the Thai shops are, you will end up losing your bike/money dealing with farangs in this country......I have never had a problem with either Thai's or official importers etc., but the likes of Motozone, Siamsuperbike etc., really put the biking business into shame........
  10. Maybe a misunderstanding; Dr Bike on Chok Chai 4 is a Thai shop where the owner speaks a little english and the rest none at all.

    Your staement is by the way very generic, just to defend the good farangs owning a bike shop, although I do not know any
  11. Muzz,
    Your right. I would never ever consider a farang owned shop again when buying or servicing a bike. Too many crooks there, i'd rather go to the Thai's i know are good.
  12. Check their location before you go. They did have a shop right across the Chao Phraya in Bangkok Noi. They have a new one out in Nakhon Pathom fairly near Putthumonthon on Sai 3 - if you go straight out that way over the Pingklao Bridge, you can turn left on Sai (not Soi) 3 before you get to the turn to Putthumonthon. There is a map on their web site, though it is not really to scale.

    A little English is spoken, but if you want to discuss subtleties, be prepared to use Thai or bring someone along who can. I went out to look at the W650, but it had been sold the previous day.

    My Thai friends say that their prices are high, but on the other hand they claim that they can get real green books in 3-5 months. After some months of searching, if you are looking at anything other than HDs or BMWs, there's a very high likelihood that you are looking at a doctored green book. That's true whether the seller is Thai or farang (the difference being that the farangs are often unaware of the irregularities in their documentation, or think that it is "normal".

    I don't find their prices any worse that some offerings in this group, and with some solid references they may provide a viable option for mid- to big-bike buyers. They have an above-average interest in "classic" style bikes, like the W650 and SR Yamaha thumpers. Check the web site...

    http://www.dbigbike.com/index.php?optio ... &Itemid=28
  13. The W650 is a cracking good bike a really nice classic all rounder.
  14. Seems like. I have not yet ridden one, but I like the idea them. I came of age on Triumph and BSA parallel twins, and one of my most loved/hated bikes was a Triton (Triumph engine, Norton frame) that I bought and shipped to the US in 1969. I very much like the current Triumph Thruxton, but my days of being willing to live with that riding position are well nigh over.

    I've read the reviews on the W650 - if there is anyone reading this group who has actually owned or used one, it'd be nice to hear about it.


  15. For Dr. Bike .....
    please have a look at www.dr.-bikebangkok.com
    Hope you will find all information.
    I am a newbie at this forum and happy to help all other members.
    Do you want to know something about Surat Thani area, pls. PM .
    N.B. 21st. of june will be a biker party at Krabi.
  16. There is some decent farangs up there in the North that im sure are all ok, but no farang dealers of bikes in BKK anymore, luckily. Even if there would be another here again, i would be very careful in going there.
  17. One of the best .... maybe the best ... will be RED BARON BANGKOK. Not the lowest price, but the highest recommandation for many sort of big bike.
    Try 02 729 4131-2 . or www.redbaronbkk.com. Very professional.

    Take care on wet season

    Eddy , Surat Thani
  18. Yess, sure Red Baron is nice and K.Vikrom is friendly and all, but you cant get any service for your bike there, unless you have bought the bike from there. Thats the rules. But of course, if you buy a chain or a sprocket there they will install it for you.
    I just got all the original fairing screws for my CBR from there, took just a week (from Japan) and cheap, around 1000B.
  19. Yes, thats correct.... you can order parts from them for EMS shipment. They do it as you described..... If you received the red RED BARON Sticker you are a VIP customer :roll: I am not.

    Drive carefully....... its raining in the southj
  20. I am interested in this toy=
    http://www.motorcycledaily.com/01may08_ ... n01_p1.htm

    It ´s an automatic , a must for me. Still in love with my Silverwing 600cc but to look at other girls is not forbidden, right?

    It sells for 12.000€ in Germany.

    Do you think it can be bought here?
    Any guestimate what it might cost with proper papers?

  21. Dear Pico....

    DN 01, very very exiting bike. Not seen in Thailand until now. But for Honda Silver wing... no problem. Have a look at :
    You can find everything on more than hundred pages. But most is written in Thai language. Best you ask one Thai ( girl ??? ) to contact them. I did bought something from this pages , not one problem. Your girl friend can maybe haggle down most of indicated prices.

    Take care Eddy, Surat Thani
  22. I heard the DN01 being called a "scootercycle" or "scootorcycle"... :)
  23. Thank you Eddy,

    that is very helpful indeed, as I am looking for spare parts for the Silverwing right now.
    My Malossi clutch failed miserably, new break disks, belt etc.
    I will try to find someone who can make sure that I´ll get what I want.

    Also happy to see that you consider the new Honda DN-01 exciting.
    I am normally not after the newest gadget but this one may fall into the MUST HAVE category.

    Cheers Pico
  24. I went there last weekend as I was looking for a Yamaha VMax. They could build me one at 120,000 Bht plus 75,000 Bht for the book. The business looked professional, however bikes ready for sale were all in the 400 cc class, which did not draw my attention.
    I was a little bit disappointed that they did not have more bikes ready to sell, but the ones they had looked ok. However from some Thai forums I know, that there are also some unhappz customers, but that seems to be the rule for any bike shop in Thailand :p

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