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  1. As there is No Harley Davidson section I am posting this here!
    Harley Davidson's Official Dealer for Thailand, See here: http://www.harley-davidsonbangkok.com/index.html have some very good Deals going if anyone is interested in Buying a bit of American Muscle and Heritage!
    Interest Free Loans and some great Discounts! Also it may be interesting to Note that some of the Bikes available here are Only available to the Asian Market and some Models come with different options than other Markets!
    A couple of Examples are the Beautiful Sportster 883R isn't sold in the US anymore but still available here, Twin Discs and Adjustable Suspension possibly one of the Best Handling! The Fat Bob comes with Mid Controls here but only has Forward controls in the USA! I am not a Fan of Forward controls unless You have a Good Chiropractor or Physical Therapist!!! So common Sense in My Eyes! There are also Some special discounts offered over the Motorshow Period so together with 0% Interest Loans there has never been a Better Time to Own a Harley!
    That's My Plug anyway for those interested!
  2. Interesting post Ian !! Just read in an austrian newspaper that HD revitalised the 883 Sportster to be sold as the "Superlow 883" which is aimed mainly for, (one read this careful) the 'ladies'. I know most of us don't speak German but anyway here's the link so at least you can have a look at the pictures:
    Cheers, Franz
  3. I have been riding Harleys for 39 years and one would think a loyal customer. Having said that I will not buy a new 2011 Softail as they have a proprietary electrical system that cannot be worked on by mere mortals. Presumably this electrical architecture will permeate throughout the line.
    Same mere mortal proof design is embedded in the ABS brake system on all newer models.

    HD is seemingly trying to cut out the independent shops and/or Owners from working on "their" bikes.

    My old bike is looking better by the year, and I will not buy any bike that shuts me out of fiddling with it.

    Sad to say but, this latest move, coupled with obscene parts prices in the LOS, looks like the end of my support for anything new.
  4. Hoghead, I think All Bikes are heading that way with the Electrical System as BMW already have it? For Me Personally I don't like to fiddle anyway so not really Bothered so long as they are Running well? Harley Davidson Bangkok Assured Me that Servicing here in Chiang Mai can be done by their Agent "Richco Motorsports". So I gather nothing to Worry about? The Way You can Ride Your Harley I have No Doubt It Looks Better every Year!!! I would be Happy to Ride any Harley that Fast!!!
    Don't Lose Heart Mate, You look Good on a Harley!
  5. I somehow doubt HD Thailand will be using this particular promo shot... :p


    I really like the looks of the Sportster XR1200X - but the vibrations on this thing are kind of crazy. A Thai friend of mine has one - he said it's like "riding on a Buffalo".
  6. dont worry about the so called propietry electricals systems on New HDs or BMWs,Ducatis etc there are systems available already for self servicing them and more coming
  7. I am not aware of one for HD and am told that it has not yet been cracked.
    Where can I buy one?
  8. There are units alrady available for BMW on the markets look on the web www.hexcode.co.za/products/gs-911/, and a production Unit for Ducati Canbus is being released soon that is able to diagnose all electronic systems on 1198etc ,i have seen preproduction prototype at a Ducati independants workshop in UK.

    HD use standard automotive systems and 2 independant US companies are working on adaption of aftermarket for latest HD system ,thay just have to crack the software that HD use and Technoresearch also have a prototype diagnostic in the works

    There is also a unit made by MOTO1 for latest Hondas ,yamahas,Kawasakis and Suzukis it not cheap at $1200 but soon they will have software for Triumphs too .

    history tells us that aftermarket companies will fill and void left by OEM manufacturers
  9. I would say You are Correct Monsterman. Trevbart here in Chiang Mai already has one for His Triumph? If not yet for sure in the future they will have one for HD? Also Harley Davidson have their Agents here, i.e. Richco in Chiang Mai and Khun Bat in Khon Kaen so wouldn't they supply the relevant Electronics to them so Customers Bikes can be Serviced Properly? I would have thought Common Sense would have prevailed with that? Of Course in a lot of cases we find "Common Sense is not very Common"???
  10. The 2011 Harley Softail electrical system is a proprietary LAN and there is nothing the owner or independent shop can do other than change a bulb. For example, the light "switch" sends a signal to the brain that tells the light to turn on. Any problems with this system and you are knackered in Nhakon Nowhere waiting for the truck to take you to BKK. Not for me

    You cannot even bleed the brakes on the HD ABS system without the official software tool. There is no aftermarket version as of yet.

    I do not see a valid engineering reason for all this technology in a relatively unsophisticated bike and can only think that it is there simply to force the Owner into using the official Dealer. I for one will not be coerced into that position.

    My bike is fast only because it is simple and allowed me to modify it to my hearts content. With this new system architecture, HD is looking to corner the market and shut out the aftermarket suppliers. I can only hope that their system is cracked and the entire thing blows up in their faces. Until then I remain happy with my "old" bike.

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