Harley-Davidson to sell BUELL and MV Agusta

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  1. Harley-Davidson is axing two notable brands as it re-focuses on its core business.
    The iconic American motorcycle producer said Thursday it will kill the 26-year-old Buell brand and will sell recently acquired Italian motorcycle company MV Agusta.
    The announcement came as Harley revealed its third-quarter financial results, which saw its earnings and sales slip as it deals with global economic conditions.
    Buell will wind down production by Oct. 30 and will sell off its inventory of motorcycles, accessories and gear. About 180 employees will lose their jobs, mostly in December. It will cost $125 million to close the brand.Harley dealerships will continue to service and offer parts for Buell bikes, and warranties remain valid.
    Buell was founded in 1983 and carved a niche for its motorcycles' designs and technology, while also finding success in racing. It's been a wholly owned subsidiary of Harley since 1998. It was founded by Erik Buell and has produced more than 135,000 motorcycles over its history.
    Harley bought MV Agusta in August 2008 in an effort to expand in Europe. But 14 months later, it's reversing course, though during the brief ownership period the Italian company resumed production at its Varese factory and jump-started product development.

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  2. correction: BUELL will be closed down, only MV Agusta is for sale.
  3. Right, it kind of sucks to buy up Buell when he was starting to get a threat since he was building bikes Harley couldn't and now just to pull the plug.
    MVAgusta is for crazies who want to have the best and can pay for it - keep Buell going, especially now that they wised up to use Rotax engines, shut down MVAgusta!
  4. If you got 1 dollar you can probably buy the mv augusta factory,it is for sale.
    Harley will need government founds very soon if not it's game over.
  5. Harley Davidson are not in financial trouble yet BUT what happens in the near future ....as their core market is slowly dying of old age .
  6. Hi Friends,

    Very sad to learn this ...I have a Buell Ligthning down here, in Europe and was looking to acquire one in LOS, but it gonna be no luck. I don't know about these financial troubles but for a simple bike owner like me that's disappointing.

    On top, just imagine the sorrow of the 180 emplyee who will loose their job at the end of year, we all know that in US, factory closures are quite "brutal" (if I can still use the word)...
  7. Azoulay ...there are loads of reasonably cheap Buells available in Thailand ....from 200k -500k they will still be easy to get parts for as based on sporster and simple to fix .

    I love the older ones with real frames not the alloy frame models or the ugly Rotax 1125 which goes really well but is a styling pig.
  8. I sincerely hope MV will be sold to someone who can do justice to the greatest name in motorcycle racing, I doubt it will be though.
  9. Hi Monsterman,

    Hope when I'll be back to LOS you can help me to find a decent BUELL, only the Replica of the one I have down here would be fine, I love this bike as the "American Bulldog countertype" of the Ducati with the Mac Donald sauce....
  10. Years ago I read an article in some bike magazine (I believe it was Cycle World) on some BUELL model, and I remember a remark of one test rider/writer, someting like "space shuttle design with a Model T engine" - I think that hit it right on the mark, even though a bit extreme.

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