Harley Davidson Wide Glide.

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  1. Our Mate Tuen who lives out here in Mae Rim had His New 2011 Harley Davidson Wide Glide delivered today! He Brought it during the recent International Motorshow in Bangkok and took advantage of the Considerable Discounts offered by Harley Davidson Thailand for their Bikes! http://www.harley-davidsonbangkok.com/ .
    After trying a few Bikes He Choose the New Wide Glide and Lucky for Him there was one on the Way from the USA, so Harley Bangkok Delivered it to His Home Yesterday! they have a couple of Large Toyota Commuter Vans with the Seats removed so Your Bike arrives Nice and Clean in Air Conditioned Comfort!!!
    What's the First thing You do when You receive a New Toy? Show Your Mates of Course so off he went down to the X-Centre to meet Us and give Us a look!!! A Real Beauty!!!
    With West in attendance on His Trick 883R Her suggested a quick Ride so Off they went for a Blast up to the Samoeng Lookout and back to the X-Centre. West is a Fast Rider but was suitably impressed with Tuen's Speed on a Strange New Bike which was Hardly designed for Fast Riding on such Tight and Twisting Roads so Looking Good!!! Given that Tuen's other Ride is a Honda Valkerie I wasn't Surprised he is Fast on the Wide Glide!!!
    Back for a Few Celebratory Beers!
    Tuen on His New Harley talking with Crazy John
    ( John has a Back Injury from a Supermotard off, Hence the Back Brace!)
    So Good Luck Tuen and I wish You all the Best!
  2. Bloody nice bike - Congradulations Tuen - I notice it has forward controls, I thought they did not supply bikes in Thailand with FC. Cheers
  3. Ken, Forward Controls are Depending on Models and Market! The Fat Bob for instance has Mid Controls for the Asian Market but other Countries in the World get Forward Controls?
  4. Slash, When Harley Davidson First released the Fat Bob at the end of 2007 You had the option of Ordering it with either Mid or Forward Controls? But for Some reason they Now only Advertise it with Forward Controls. Harley Bangkok told Me it comes with Mid Controls for the Asian Market so it could well be worth asking Your Local Dealer? Maybe they can still get one there if they make a special Order with the Mid Controls, They Make them so in theory it shouldn't be a Drama to get it anywhere? But who knows???
  5. Hi Ian, Hi Friends,

    Happy for Tuen he got satisfaction with the bike serviced to him by Harley Bangkok, I am convinced they are able to do it well but on communication process it doesn't seem to be thir best skill...

    On your advises, I took contact first by mail with them to explain my requirements but no answer yet...Issue is that on Harley Bangkok we are redirected to the American website of Harley and I am unable to see which bikes they have available in stock ???

    This poor feedback on bike dealer seems to be specific to LOS, I never saw such way of commercing ???!!! I know bike is not the main Thai activity but....

    Anyway, in one way or the other I will get the bikes we need even if I have to resign to import one by myself which is a nightmare as well.
  6. Hi Ian, Hi Friends,

    Thanks for your answer back, in fact I saw your post about brand new prices that's already aa good indication and i integrated it already.

    However, coming in LOS twice a year once for the summer and once for X'Mas, I try to organise myself from France and get things ready at my arrival somewhere about mid-June....

    No way to do it neither with Ducati Thailand where I intend to order a brand new Ducati Diavel for my good self, or with Harley Bangkok where my friend joining me this summer wants toaquire a second hand Harley for a significant value (round 700 KTBH).

    Ducati: I had phone talks and several few mail exchanges to end up that the bike which was due to be available is not, then silence ???

    Harley: they did not even replied as I wrote to [email protected] and nothing...

    As I wrote few years agao, I am really not convince that the Big Bike Business in LOS is a mature business with a solid structure and normal ways a working.

    Without compairing with Europe or US, for a 1 million more TBH bike, a seller would have move much more than that trying all to achieve the sale.

    I know you'll argue that it's Thailand, that I don 't know the habits and all that...but I think it's business and when we intend to buy a car at Toyota or Isuzu or what ever brand in LOS, the guy call you twice a day to conclude.

    For me, Big bike business seems to be different, supported by a bunch of afficionados foreigners (us) or few hi-so and rich Thai amators, a kind of private club.

    OK...after the philosophic thoughts, if you could help me to get throgh this, it would be very usefull....
  7. Azoulay-

    If you are looking for a used Harley, I suggest you contact Richy at Chiang Kham in Chiang Mai. He has a number of different used Harleys. I am sure you will find him much easier to work with. Good Luck.
  8. Hi Dave,

    Message sent already, you are right I did not remember about Richco...
  9. Azoulay,
    I believe you will find that for bikes the market is Thai centric [BMW say only in BKK their customer base is 40% farang - elsewhere it is much less].
    Farang to quote a manager of big bike brand are a "headache" - they want value for money, good service [old hands will accept with resignation 'competent' service]; whilst the Thais, who are their real market, are much less demanding and to question price means you ain't got the dosh!
    Kawasaki have taken a far more pragmatic approach having had the foresight to negotiate tax advantages on big bikes sold here and are succeeding in the mid-range price bracket - but component quality & the same TiT service are still issues
    Ducati may well be soon doing the same.
    But there are few bike sellers of any bikes who provide you with the service you experience in Europe. Especially in the workshop.
    Richie attempts to bridge this divide.
    But whats happened to your GSA Bavarian barge?
  10. Hi Rhodie, Hi Friends,

    Thanks for the reply and yes the GS is waiting for me in the coming month in LOS, as well as the Ducati and the Suzie....

    Up to now I spared few bobs and was dreaming to aquire a brand new big bike, in LOS, from a local dealer such as inittially a Ducati Diavel, on top of that a friend of mine who comes along with me wanted a HD as well...

    But it's incredible how difficult it is to concretise this...I have great idea of the service in LOS, I like the people there but I think Big Bikes is really something apart...

    Hope Richie and some other such as Red Baron could enhance my opinion on it...

    Loving bikes I have difficulties to see it restricted to only a bunch of "Happy fews"...

    Anyway, your recommandations, advises and indications on bike shops who could have descent bikes to sale are more than welcome, thanks in advance.

    In addition to that, if you are around Cha Am end of June up to end August, do not hesitate to come along and stop home for a beer or more !
  11. Hello Azoulay,
    I just contacted them and You can email them at [email protected] . Or You could just call them on
    +66(0)2934-4855-6 ? I am not sure what they have in the Second Hand Bike range and with the Deals on New ones it may be worth considering that? Good Luck.

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