Harley Show Udon


Oct 14, 2005
On Satuday October 20 th at 5:00 P.M. Harley is having a introduction party at the Bike Bike Shop Udon ( Giggos), located on Ring Road.

On Sunday the 21sy starting a 0900 hors they will have demo rides.

This is the authorized Harley Distributor located in Bnagkok.

Bob Gutherie
Managiing director
[email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

This is what I learned, the bikes there will be the 2008 models

The Big Bike shop is now an extension of Harley Bangkok. And a authorized service location. Until such time as Gigios mechanics are trained in Singapore they will fly a mechanic down to work on the bikes.

The bikes come with a 24K warranty.

Financing is available with 40% down.

Full coverage insurance service is also available.

There is a lot more inforamtion but this will ahve to do.

So this looks like fun so we will be going to this and skip the ride this weekend.